The meeting last night and todays antics

I think I am about ready to have a nervous breakdown!

Last night was the behaviour specialist at the autism support group.
First he went through the local authorities continuum of need framework. It was then (and not surprisingly so) I found that on the education front, I have actually fallen foul of EVERY pitfall there is in terms of delay tactics and poor practice.

Level 1- school assumes said child is typical… yes, no thanks to her playgroup

level 2- initiated within the first half term

level 3- initiated in January

Managed moved means the school transfer the previous support level. When this (as is typical of what happens when I happen to be involved) is not managed effectively the process restarts and has to follow time constraints on moving from one to another.

So we went back to level 1

then skipped level 2 due to CAF being re-initiated… phew! HOWEVER… before statement there needs to be EVIDENCE that the school had provided support at the upper level of level 3- which is school action plus.

Well, not so lucky. We have only ever had one IEP and the school couldn’t even follow it… although we do have a new one due before half term… which will probably be equally poor and not well thought out… we shall see. It will be posted on here when it is done!

The school are only just offering the support at the upper level. Hopefully I can appeal and ask for a meeting. apparently it is at these meetings where parents can really swing things round. Well, at least I hope he was right about that!

PDA came up… well, of course it did… I was there! I have become PDA central at the local autism group! I have been passing them onto for more information.

He went on to health and social care… apparently PDA in our area can only be diagnosed by tier 4 CAMHS. So they do diagnose at our CAMHS however to get to tier 4 round here a child has to have attempted suicide which is not likely – thankfully- in dinky’s case at the moment. Hopefully the Paediatrician can at least diagnose ASD with PDA presentation which is what I am hoping for.

So we went through the rest of the services and the criteria… which was helpful!

I discussed Dinky’s case to him, and he said the only thing I can really do is go to the governors, as the school is not doing its job. he also couldn’t believe what the teacher said in our TAC and gave us (Dinky’s group leader came to the meeting- actually she is awesome and gave me a lift!) some helpful information, and the group leader is behind us all the way. Which is a relief.

So this morning the plan was to write a letter to the governors, however… I am REALLY impatient and went to the school office and refused to move unless I had contact details for a school governor! Better yet, the governors were in a meeting at the school today and the office said they will get one of them to phone me!

You will never believe this…..

They called! Unfortunately as he is one that is employed by the academy, he is referring me onto another governor who will phone on Tuesday morning. He phoned as I was writing my bullet points of fails… I was at number 33, which took us to the second day back after the summer… which is a lot considering that is only ONE term!

I don’t know how many it will end up as, as I am going to leave it now until after the paediatrician on Monday, but with the TAC and her teacher and her morning 1:1, I can imagine going up to at least 45-50 items to be discussed. Although there are probably only 15 major incidents. I say only, but it is a large number.

He did say from the few bits I already told him that this will need to be properly investigated as this is not what should be happening at the academy. Really? Of course it shouldn’t be happening, it shouldn’t happen anywhere!

Other than that I have had loads to do but I am still in the ‘stuck’ phase, especially as I got confirmation of the ‘survivors group’ today and every fibre of my being is now screaming “DONT DO IT!! ARE YOU MENTAL????” I also hate the term survivor… I’m definitely not one for victim, but I don’t know why, I don’t like survivor either.

I did ask Dinky’s 1:1 to write out what has gone on this week with her…

Monday- took Dinky to do phonics 1 2 1 but she decided not to participate and then disturbed the phonics group that was near by where we working (grammar is not her strong point- like typing isn’t mine!)

Tuesday- Dinky ran all over the school because she didn’t want to do phonics. Eventually after 5 minutes cool off period she sat beside me and read a book. It was then decided that Dinky would read with me rather than do phonics.

Wednesday- Dinky and I went to the library where she sat beside me and read a book to me.

Thursday- Library again, stayed focused on her reading, even though we had a year 5 class in the library at the same time.

Friday- Great start, read well, and was very focused. But after 20 minutes Dinky lost all interest in reading and instead played with balloons. I asked Dinky to leave the balloons and she ran off back to her classroom.


Today in school (after her 1:1), during writing (surprise surprise), a senior member of staff had to stop Dinky throwing chairs and flipping tables over. She did maths (which she now likes, as long as she doesn’t have to write her numbers), and the rest is smiley faces for reading and choosing.


Ice age 4 is starting to grate on me… almost as much as Dinky’s insistence on re-enacting Shira’s parts in the living room!

So the weekend is upon us.. and then it is off to the Paediatrician on Monday!


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