Some things never change! And a nice email

It does seem like a lot of my inspiration for blog posts comes from Dinky’s school! They certainly know how to get on my last nerve.

Not only have they stopped doing phonics with her. As the 1:1 has not bothered to attempt different ways of getting her to learn, and after 3 days gave up. We had a new situation yesterday… The head teacher wrote this in the contact book…

after lunch Dinky was reluctant to come into the classroom. She had not been badly behaved nor was distressed. I gave Dinky the choice of going into class (art taught by a different teacher) or to come into my office. She chose my office and has been as good as gold. We structured the afternoon so that she has ‘played’ with construction kits with another child- a year 2 boy. The conversation and role play has been excellent. Dinky has ‘played’ co-operatively and nicely. (Including some very amusing comments!) she role played her train not going home properly’. I will be really interested to see if this afternoon has any mice on her behaviour at home this evening. Please can you let me know?


My reply…
After school on Thursday we use the sensory magic carpet. (Straight after school until 4pm). On thinking about it, this feeds her need for repetitive games as she like the splat and water games. When we got home (which we did ok, just question after question about why people say ‘later’) she watched smurf Halloween (hanging upside down) until dinner. She was still quick to get emotional over my asking her to sit at the table. She did read me her book, the bedtime routine is always a challenge- so no change. I’m curious as to what you thought may change. By the sounds of it Dinky role played the entire afternoon- which normally means she has copied phrases from tv programmes on Netflix. The train was from animal train under children’s films.

When I went in this morning I saw the head, she said “she has good imagination!”
I left it. There is no talking to the school!
They make their own minds up, believe what they want and try to make things fit their ideas.

It is really irritating. I must admit this is all good ammo for the TAC on the 21st!

While this had been going on, I had an email from the main swim instructor yesterday afternoon. She asked if there is anything they can do to help dinky… Perhaps a sticker chart? Noooooooooo!
So I emailed back and said that I think giving her more of a countdown as to how long is left of the session would help. I also asked if they could write an up to date report on what dinky has been like since she has been back at school.

This morning I got an email


No problem, I will have a chat with the other girls to see what we can come up with. The main thing I want you to know is that we are totally on your side and we will do whatever we can to help you through these difficult times.

Which is nice!

Right now the weekend is upon us, which I have no plans for, as of yet. So we shall see how it goes!


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