One week until the next TAC and school provide more ammunition!

The weekend was pretty much a Carbon copy of previous weekends where Saturday is mostly calm with the odd explosive meltdown thrown in. Sunday, getting anxious about school, meltdowns, my dad pushing and pushing her to the brink. Trying to cook dinner while a 5 year old and 50 year old fight in the next room. I must admit I lost my temper with my dad when I opened the kitchen door to find him pinning Dinky down with his knee on her chest.
I am almost completely sleep deprived as Dinky has been in my bed nearly every night for the last few days, and I find it very difficult to sleep I when she is in my bed.
This morning dinky was really anxious, she had non stopped talked since she got up. Then she was echoing this mornings tv programme which talked about beautiful sunny warm summer days. When in actual fact it is cloudy, miserable and windy autumn day.
We got near the school and there were men cutting the grass with noisy equipment, dinky was humming her way past them, then into to the main entrance and dinky was upset that her 1:1 wasn’t there. It was enough for her to start being a little over the top. She was trying to push the numbers to get in, then realised this was a perfect opportunity to escape. So I had to stand guard, so that she didn’t escape. However that led to her attacking me, and then kicking the glass of the school door on the other side.
There was one point where the reception area got so busy I had to hold her so that she couldn’t hurt anyone else after she caught another parent with a stray kick.
The most annoying thing was the receptionists watched all of this. Shaking their heads because I wasn’t trying to bribe her, remove something, or install any discipline at all. Well, none of that would work! At one point I said she needed to stop otherwise she would not get a treat after school. Obviously this wasn’t going to work, and it just made her more annoyed as she couldn’t help it any more than an asthmatic child could help an asthma attack.
We were there 20 minutes, Dinky finally got to the point she was emotional, which is the time for hugs and calm, oh… Then someone comes down to get her!

She was upset still but much calmer and went off fine. I stayed there, once the office had emptied, I spoke to one of the office staff.
She said “oh it was a communication mix up. The 1:1 is here, but the school hasn’t got phonics this morning, so she didn’t think she had Dinky.”
Oh so that s ok then! My reply
“That’s all well and good, except no one told us! Instead I get punched and kicked, but that’s ok as it was a communication error!”

I left as I was so angry.

It just goes to show that Dinky can’t cope with her routine being messed with, nor can she be expected to ‘wait patiently’. The whole reason she goes via the office, is because she couldn’t line up outside. Not to make it easier for her 1:1 (which didn’t start until a week after we started going through that entrance, and it is not like Dinky does phonics anyway, as ‘it has been decided dinky doesn’t do phonics’), so why wasn’t someone there?
I am fuming that no one bothered to contact anyone to come down and take Dinky into school when we arrived.

The next TAC is next Monday and more and more things are going to have to be brought up.

(Which is not a good time as I am having to write this on my iPad as my laptop went off last week and is going back off today as it STILL doesn’t work. So much for me writing letters! I could do it on the iPad but it is a pain and printing never comes out properly)


3 thoughts on “One week until the next TAC and school provide more ammunition!

  1. Must be the day for it! After months and months of settled behaviour, Dillon went off on one within 10 mins of going in! I was just turning the car around to go home when the Head phoned!! He emptyed drawers all over his classroom! Lots of calming later he decided to work at home this morning and go back to school for the afternoon! Feeling very frustrated with him as don’t really know what set him off and not does wonderful head teacher. Hey ho, one of those days! So off now to attempt the afternoon with all morning work completed. Fingers crossed.

      • Yep. Managed the afternoon but did the same thing today because the teacher didn’t agree with something he said !! Just waiting now to find out of he’s excluded or not! So cross with him. He has all the strategies to deal with these problems and usually manages so well but has just lost the plot this week and to make it worse me and the hubby are meant to be going away sat until tues on a little business trip to Milan! He’s staying with grandparents…… Other kids are with friends to lessen the load! Oh what a joyful mess we live in.
        Hope you and Dinky are having a better week. Xx

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