Sunday struggles

Dinky has really struggled today.

I finally got a new laptop (with some help from taking dinky with me to the shop where I brought it!). So today was TAC prep time. I have to get out all those niggles, all the things I want to say in the way I would want to say it. I have to type in order to refine my thoughts into a more coherent and more polished end product. I have to be able to make my point and be taken seriously. The more I type the more I will remember the right wording. So rather than “You couldn’t organise a knees up in a brewery and I want Dinky out of this hell hole”, it comes out more like “I am disappointed that things haven’t improved as much as I had hoped, A, B and C still need to be addressed. As for the statement process, I am due to see another school on Friday, but other than that I have no other updates until the 6 week period has ended, provided the school send their forms back in time.”

First seems to the point, full of anger and resentment… the second seems better for a meeting with professionals.

While I have been trying to do this Dinky has found today to be really difficult. My dad came round at about 10 am. She took herself off upstairs for a little while (which is unusual for her). After lunch, I got my laptop out and my dad tried to keep Dinky entertained. He put a film on for her but she seemed off. She was only using two word sentences and was upset. She wouldn’t tell us what was wrong. She was head butting him, and grabbing his arm. Then out of nowhere she was shouting “GET OUT”. she tried to get my dad off the sofa and jumped on his head and carried on attacking him. He was angry, and then she went between attacking him and hiding. she went on like that for 2 hours. I decided to do something to end it. I gave her 3 direct instructions, and shouted. She then flew into full meltdown and I had to restrain her until she got emotional. Luckily it only lasted 10 minutes. I distracted her once she was emotional and she was happy for a little while, before the whole thing started again just as she was eating dinner. I got her to go back upstairs for a little while, then bathed, and bed.

I’m still no closer to sorting the TAC agenda out, I have a few bits about school, but there is so much to discuss and such little time. We never get through everything. I guess the problem is my lead professional doesn’t lead. The family link worker hasn’t even met Dinky, and no one really knows where we go from here, well, apart from the school pulling their finger out and treating her like a child with difficulties NOT a difficult child.

I do have the special school visit on Friday. I am hoping that it  is all it is cracked up to be and is suitable for Dinky!



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