School and swimming

When I went to get dinky from her classroom today she wasn’t there. So I waited, eventually the teacher (who is rapidly becoming enemy no.1 as she is such a dismissive and sarcastic person!), told me that she was with the deputy head. Well, I am not surprised, it is Wednesday and that means she found a way to escape doing as she was meant to. She seems to spend Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons with a member of the senior leadership team! Today was no different.
Her contact book says she refused to come in after lunch, eventually went into PE But climbed over everything and spent the rest of the time with the SENCO. However, when she arrived with the deputy head she had apparently been wading in a massive puddle in the playground (that covered her ankles), and she had been doing it for quite a while, so she had wet socks and shoes. She then took them off and ran in, scraped her big toe and grazed it. Well, Dinky and blood don’t mix. )She broke her finger, nothing, tiniest bit of blood and the world is ending). So they take her to medical, get her a plaster and then dinky put her wet socks back on and wouldn’t take them off again. So she came home with wet socks and shoes.
I had even to town earlier in the day and managed to get dinky some sensory toys and and black out tent with light stick and glow pad. So she can make shapes ect (dinky LOVES glow in the dark and flashing lights). I was hoping it would calm her down enough after school for her to go to swimming happily, swim like she used to, and get out without too much fuss. (Actually that is a big ask, realistically, it would just be nice to get home from a swim lesson which didn’t include a meltdown or her being restrained!) As it happens she went in for a little bit but wanted to watch a film instead. She was ok on the bus, and even made me laugh on the way there. On the way there is a split pathway pedestrians on one side, cyclists on the other. Well, a cyclist was coming towards us on the pedestrian side and Dinky shouts
He completely ignores her and cycles too close to Dinky for her liking so she shouts
I laughed so much, it was worth the punch for laughing at her! It was so funny!

I remembered her ear defenders (go me! Lol), and she was really well behaved walking towards the swimming pool. She got dressed nicely and went in to the pool nicely(ish, she jumps a little early and always scares the life out of her swim teacher!). I went to the gallery, and dinky was back to 1:1, I think they have had enough of her dangerous antics. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t swim off… It just means that the teacher hasn’t got to worry about the safety of another child while mine seems hell bent on getting into difficulty!
She was a pickle still, but better 1:1 than with the older girl.
She was doing really really well until near the end, and then when it was time to get out she ran along the pool edge, and then hid. She kicked off, and again it was the other swim teacher to the rescue and helped restrain, distract and calm her.

Swimming is becoming a big ordeal. She loves it, but every lesson she has a meltdown.

I can’t wait to view the school on Friday! Then next week is half term!


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