Paediatrician says “I think she definitely has PDA”

The conversation was as follows (ish, I must admit when he said he thinks she definitely has PDA my mind went into a sort of mental jig!)

Dr x: I am returning your call, that you wanted to talk to me.
Me: yes, firstly, Dinky’s melatonin, she wakes up in the night now, is there anything I can do. School and the other professionals said I should ask.
Dr. X: (rambled on about how every human needs melatonin to go to sleep and we produce it naturally… Blah blah blah)…. But we can discuss that at her next appointment with me. The reason I phoned last Monday was that the Friday before last we had a meeting. Myself, head of CDC, and CAMHS. I brought Dinky up and told them I think she definitely has PDA.
Me: (completely taken aback by this as I thought he was going down social communication/ ADHD route) erm, ok.
Dr X: I said to the consultant psychiatrist “please please see this child who has PDA.” They don’t normally see children so young. I have referred to him as he can meet her needs better than we can at the CDC. I have written it all in the letter and sent him a copy of it. You should receive it later this week as my secretary was away last week.

There was more to it and I’m sure he mentioned PDA a few times, and behaviour too. But the things that resonated were mentioned above!

I probably shouldn’t feel as happy as I do, but I have been coming up against so many brick walls, it is like I have finally found a way through for Dinky.
I am happy that this letter should come before she goes back to school, I am going to enjoy telling them that I have been saying this since day 1 at the school, and instead of backing me and supporting her as a child with PDA, they went behind my back to assess for attachment disorder and ODD via their boxall profile and tried to blame my parenting for how dinky is! I will say that now I have professional backing, can they PLEASE use PDA strategies with her in order to give her the best chance possible.
Also this letter could not come at a better time as someone replied on the dinky and me Facebook status update, as the evidence from school needs to be in by the 5th November and this letter will really help with the statement, and thus help get her into the special school.

So good news on the road to diagnosis.

Today dinky is dressed as a vampire for the soft play special needs Halloween party! So in a little while I will do her face paint, have wipes and face paint at soft play to reapply as she will no doubt accidentally wipe it off and meltdown that she doesn’t look like a vampire. However,from this point forward I am not allowed to use her name… She is vampire girl. I don’t quite know how that is going to go down at the party with one of her ASD friends as he will say she is Dinky. But it should be interesting!

Thank you- all of you that follow the blog and leave such wonderful words of encouragement… Today is a victory!

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