Dinkys days out

Dinky has been out again yesterday and today.

Yesterday was Chessington. I was grateful to the group leader for taking her on such a big trip so that I could go to the PTSD group.

I picked her up and spoke to the group leader. Apparently the front of Dinky’s vampire costume is somewhere around Chessington after dinky did a runner! Other than that it was ok.

Dinky did not stop talking from the moment I picked her up until the moment she went to bed. I actually told her to please be quiet after an hour of incessant talking. It was fine when she was trying to tell me about her trip, and going on the vampire ride, how the group leader got soaked, how much she enjoyed the bubbleworks ect. However she began talking about all sorts of things. As much as I had missed her towards the end of the day, by the time she went to bed I was glad the tirade of chatter had stopped!

Today Dinky and I were picked up from our house and taken to the local farm for a Halloween themed day out.

Before they got to us Dinky was a little on edge. She literally ran from one end of the house to the other for about 20 minutes. Getting ready was an ordeal but we made it out.

In the car Dinky was anxious, and was talking non stop. I am used to it, I don’t think they were! She showed them all her toys we took with us and every time someone else spoke she took the conversation back.

When we got to the farm it was so muddy! I know farms generally are, but this was awful. I didn’t think fully and left both our wellys at home. we had literally got from the car to the ticket booth and everyone’s shoes were covered. As we entered there was a tent with entertainment. Both kids were drawn to it and it was quite funny. I was amazed at how well Dinky did without her ear defenders!

However she did get her ear defenders out for the next activity. Corn cannon… It was a very loud pressurised corn launcher.. dinky and the lad loved it! Then there was potato slinger. which dinky was pretty good at!

We went off to find some other things to do. We went on the tractor ride, dinky loved it, the lad, not so much. He was a little scared. We tried some haunted house type things, but again the lad wasn’t keen. Dinky didn’t last much longer on the first one, but the second one she left because she wanted to stay with him, which was sweet. We had lunch and I had to feed Dinky her meal because she was playing on a phone.

After lunch, we took Dinky and the lad on a simulator, which they both really enjoyed. Then headed to the funfair part. It was tiny, but the best bit was how quiet it was! Dinky and the lad went on the teacups and then on the mini rollercoaster. It was great, both of them really enjoyed it! We had told the kids that they were not going on the trampolines or the bouncy pumpkin, but after they went back on the teacups Dinky ran straight on. She wasn’t listening to me and wouldn’t come off. I tried to pull her off, but the lovely mum said it was ok for both of them to go on. Which was fine. They both enjoyed some time on the trampoline. I think by this point they were both were getting close to their limit.

Dinky got upset over something, I can not actually remember what it was but she was pulling the corn off the metal scaffholding poles, as soon as I had managed to get her away from one and ‘fix it’ the best I could, she was at another one, yanking it apart. Again the tent was a hive of activit and the kids went to check it out. Both of them were laughing and then there was dancing which Dinky loved. It was really cute. Then some plate spinning!

Finally we went into the bog that was the spooky trail. The idea was to find little ghost pictures and add the number to the name on the list. Well, with Dinky being a good reader and the lad being good at recognising his numbers we split the jobs to make it fun.

Right near the end Dinky just did a runner through the bog, which was difficult as it was so hard to chase her. I am wise to her running style and tried to cut her off, however she saw me and went back into the boggiest part, and the lad’s dad was there to stop her. She was then rather muddy and not happy about it!

Time to go!

Both of them did very well, and despite the horrible mud, and a few minor things, it was a nice day out.

We got in the car and headed back.

Dinky wanted to invite the lad in to play but it was time to quit while we were ahead! Also they had a dog to get back for. Dinky invited him over for a sleep over.. which I had to say no to straight off! The lad has a diagnosis of PDA, there is NO way I could cope with 2 of them over night!


She was quick to get angry before she went to bed, but she went to bed ok.

So tomorrow we are staying in! Although my dad is taking Dinky out to watch the autism screening of Turbo.. which should be good.

Inset day Monday, and then back to school Tuesday!



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