Back to school

Dinky went back to school today…

Yesterday, she found out it was back to school and hid in her tent refusing to come out. I tried to distract her by telling her we were going to her favourite soft play centre, nothing. After she had time to calm down we eventually got to soft play. However she was still not happy, which I could see by her building walls after 10 minutes rather than playing on the slide or the massive gym balls. When she did eventually go and play she got into a couple of scraps with other kids and then was being picked on by 2 smaller and younger children than her. They were calling her stupid. Dinky tried to find someone else but they followed her round. I wanted to scream at the kids mothers who were just sitting having a coffee while their kids were picking on Dinky. However, I know that the mothers would have brushed it off. Then the kids came to complain about dinky as she was pushed by one of them and she smacked the kid back. I called her down and the mother said “she is just a horrible child”. It is a shame she couldn’t see that it was her child that was being a horrible child. We didn’t have long left so I left it. If dinky had a diagnosis I may have challenged her, but I have bigger issues than parents who everyone thinks are brilliant because their kids smile and perform like bloody seals in class and have no issues, when in reality they are not. I had to try and get dinky out before our time ended and we were charged for the privilege.

Dinky is generally dry at night. We have had a week of dry nights but last night her night time pull ups were soaked. This morning she was generally being evasive. I couldn’t keep her in one room for long! She got dressed and we were cutting it fine for leaving as, instead of getting her school shoes on, she was reading.
We did make it to the school, and she was so anxious she was going on and on about seeing mr bean in London (it was a street entertainer). Although it did mean that the TA could engage her and indulge her in all things bean, before whisking her off.

I STILL haven’t got the letter from the paediatrician.

When I went to pick her up the TA called her forward straight away to come home. As soon as we got out of the gates dinky was not happy. They had Christmas decorations in the shop windows and she wanted to go in. So we went in, I let her choose dinner. She wasn’t happy, they have stopped doing her pepperoni pizza with the stuffed crust.
Then she wanted a film and I said no as it was a Halloween film that we have recorded on the sky box. That was it she was being over the top trying to get the DVD back after I put it put of her reach. I got a look from one of the mums, managed to get her away and paid for the food. She lay on the floor and refused to move.
Eventually she got out and then kicked me a number of times screaming. She then refused to move, she was just screaming and kicking me and wouldn’t get off the floor. Thankfully it was only for 15 minutes. I got some looks, but a lot of people didn’t look at us, which I was grateful for.
We got home and she was screaming at me, screaming she didn’t want to go back to school. Then she was asking to move schools again.
I let her go in her tent, then spin for a bit. She asked for a film and I let her watch the smurfs. When I flicked through to today in the contact book I was annoyed. All it had was that she took herself off to the year 6 teacher during literacy and a smiley face for maths. So why did she go to the year 6 teacher and why was she so distressed after school? No one knows.
I am past the point of trying to be understanding of the restrictions of a year 1 teacher’s time. As far as I am aware there are no other kids with special needs in Dinky’s class, the teacher has a full time TA in the class room. Not every year 1 class in the country has a TA. They didn’t have them when I was a kid. So why can’t the TA fill it in? Or the TA oversee the class while the teacher spends 5 minutes writing anything I should really know about? Who knows. It isn’t a big ask. But then again nor is doing now and next and she looked almost at the point of breaking under the additional pressure of doing a now and next for an anxious student.
I think this has more to do with the attitude of the teacher. I think she believes I am an awful parent and that Dinky is just a naughty kid who needs to learn boundaries and all of this stuff is an unnecessary waste of her valuable time.
In other words she is a judgemental muppet with a large ego and a case of severe ignorance!

I let dinky do what she needed and we got ready in a very chilled out way this evening.

Dinky went to bed ok…

Hopefully tomorrow will be better for her


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