Dinky not coping in school

It seems that honeymoon period with the new teacher is well and truly over..

today’s entry in the contact book

“did not settle well today, she hid under tables + then tipped the chairs all up. She was taken out of the class when she threw a chair at another child. Dinky was the asked to help sweep (as a way of nicely removing her from the class).no assembly and returned to do maths. 

Sometimes it is *lucky* that she does this in school too as then it is not just my handling of her.

Tomorrow is fireworks at the school. I am not looking forward to it for many reasons.
Firstly I don’t think Dinky will like it. It will be loud (even with her ear defenders), she will be in school, which she hates, it will be dark- which she doesn’t like, and I fear it is a meltdown recipe. I hope she holds it in because I am pretty sure the school will be watching how I handle her, which will make me even more stressed out.
I just wish dinky didn’t want to go, but everyone has been talking about it, there are signs up everywhere and we have to pass the table selling the tickets on the way out… 2 days I lasted without buying them. The first day I ‘forgot my purse’, the second time we had to go to swimming, I couldn’t not buy them the third day as she was not impressed with me.


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