Schools- both of them!

For those that don’t know, This is Dinky’s second school. She spent 2 terms in the first school and this is her second term in this school.
Yesterday I had the privilege of helping out for the local autism group as they hosted Anna Kennedy OBE. (Again for those that don’t know, Anna couldn’t get her two autistic boys into school so set up her own, and a college, and a residential home. She runs autism’s got talent, an anti bullying campaign and a take a break initiative for parents and carer’s. She is awesome!)
So there I was selling wrist bands and key chains, and in walk 2 early years TA’s, a higher level TA and the head of early years of the previous school walk in. Shocked would be the first word I’d use. For Both of us!
The TA dinky liked a little asked how she was. I said fine. They asked how she was getting on at school. I said not great but we are working on it. She asked what I meant, so I said that we are talking statements, special schools ect. She asked why… Honestly, you can not credit these people with a brain… Why would a parent of a child with additional needs be at the local autism group with an official group t-shirt? Answers on a postcard!
They were humming and oh ing. They said they missed her and she was quite a character. Well, their loss. One said “so you are all settled in your new house”. Yes thanks. I really wish I wasn’t so busy selling wristbands that I could have said, ‘that isn’t why she left.’

Back to today…

Again Dinky is not coping in school.

Contact book entry for today- smiley faces up until a sad face for assembly…

In special assembly dinky climbed up the gym wall + refused to get down. She then ran out into the sure start centre. She missed the last part of the assembly. 2 teachers stayed with her.

Yesterday dinky was very well behaved, and went to bed without much fuss at all for my dad so that I could go to help out. And today again she was really well behaved.
We went to the school fireworks and it was brilliant… She wore her ear defenders and had lots of flashing lights and glow sticks. She did some dancing, watched a little bit of the magician, and then waited for the fireworks. She became a little annoyed by waiting, but she did well. She liked the fireworks, a few of the louder ones she made some unusual loud noises, and was tense but I hugged her tight and she was jumping up and down. She loved the colours. Her favourites were the Catherine wheel and the quiet sparkly ones.
She walked home really well and was shattered by the time we got home (well, it was past her usual bedtime). I was so so very proud of her! She did so well, and was so brave!
So we have had a calmer dinky the last two days. I’m pretty sure it is due to her letting it out more in school the last two days. Obviously I am not condoning her throwing chairs at other children… The muppet?.. Oh ok, or teachers, but they can’t say their strategies of forceful normalisation are working. Nor giving her very firm direct commands.
I guess after reading lots of issues where parents are battling to get schools to see their kids are struggling, because they hold it in at school and let it all out at home. It is common in autism and it seems a common feature of PDA. Dinky can mostly hold it in, although she gets days, like the last 2 days where she can’t. It does go in our favour. It is obvious she needs more help, they just can’t work out wether it is PDA, ODD, SEBD, attachment, social communication, high functioning autism or Aspergers ect. I know the answer. It is taking longer to get them to see it. We have ruled out attachment, ODD, SEBD, and Aspergers. We are now left with other spectrum disorders, high functioning autism/ASD, social communication difficulties or PDA.
Still haven’t got the ruddy letter from the paediatrician! I think that will swing it more toward PDA.

Tomorrow dinky is watching a game of football with the special needs group… It should be fun for her!

We also have the statutory assessment decision coming up. The guy from parent partnership said the decision will be made on the 12th and I should hear soon after. I should also hear if CAMHS accept the referral soon…

Waiting… More waiting…. A little more waiting…, and a lot more waiting on top!


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