Formal exclusion and provisional diagnosis of PDA!

Today was going swimmingly…

Took Dinky 45 minutes to eat her breakfast as every time I turned my back she was in the cereal box! She raced me to get dressed and then we went to school. Dinky went in ok.. and there I left her.

I went into town, came back, the postman had come… no paediatrician letter… not content with this I phoned the CDC and asked if was completed and offered to pick the letter up this afternoon. It had been typed up and was awaiting checks by the paediatrician and for him to sign it. So she was going to get back to me about it.

Family link worker came. We had got through talking about the mornings and half term and the last two days of school before my phone rang… there was me thinking it was the CDC. Nope, it was the school. They asked if I could go pick dinky up from school. I said no, not unless she is being formally excluded. They said they would get back to me. Start talking again, phone rings again.

School. yes, she is being formally excluded, she didn’t have any details, I would have to speak to the deputy when I arrived. So the Family link worker gave me a lift to the school. We were taken into the office where muppet Jr explained that dinky hadn’t actually done anything serious to be excluded, but as she was being unsafe by not following instructions, although she did have to be lifted off the fence as she was trying to escape. She was apparently roaming around the school, which was enough to ask that the go home under a formal exclusion and try again in the morning. So we went to get dinky who was in a year 6 class room walking on bucket stilts! The SENCO and the class TA were talking in the hallway as we went past.

I got the letter explaining her exclusion and we left.

Dinky was hungry, and I was not about to repeat the last time she was excluded, so we went to the shops for a packet of crisps. At the tills my phone rings. It is the CDC. The letter is ready to collect. Dinky is absolutely fine, so we get the bus to the hospital. A little waiting around and I receive this.

Paeds letter pg1 DandMe paed letter pg 2 DandMe

After last nights ramblings I feel vindicated… a provisional diagnosis!
He also notes the sensory issues and hyperactivity… however dyspraxia is a new one on me. Something for me to look up.

It is strange to be so happy about the possibility of my daughter having a life long condition that affects every part of her life and how she views the world. It is not the PDA I am happy about, it is the fact that FINALLY her needs are being recognised! It is relief that I am one of the lucky ones who live in an area that recognise the condition, and that I fought hard to find someone with the correct knowledge to see Dinky. I was surprised at some parts of the letter. He did notice a lot.

The school may still fight giving her the correct support, but it is something to use for the statement and to get her into the special school I looked at a few weeks ago.

I called the school and have a meeting with the SENCO tomorrow at 2.45pm… we need to discuss how to move forward with this new information.. but an apology wouldn’t go amiss for the whole boxall profile malarkey! Once and for all they will have to admit that I am not a bad parent and that Dinky has PDA, which means she is autistic!

Dinky was absolutely fine at home. She even did her homework!!! Well, she did it to get out of going to bed on time… but none the less… she wrote the 3 lines!

Now she is upstairs either asleep or playing with Simba, but she is content.


3 thoughts on “Formal exclusion and provisional diagnosis of PDA!

  1. Fantastic news, vindication at last !!!!! you have worked so hard and completely against the odds, swimming upstream in treacle to get support for Dinky. Hopefully the corner is turned and you can be left to concentrate on Dinky instead of having to spend so much time and energy trying to convert muppets!!

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