Busy day and surestart


This is pretty much every morning! Except it feels like I am getting an army ready.. but really it is only one child… but then she is no ordinary child.. this is my Dinky.. and as much as it is a struggle some days… I love her to bits.
I was treated to a very PDA walk to school. She asked to get the bus, her feet were burning, she run out of energy, her tummy hurt, she had a headache,  she had a papercut and last but not least.. she couldn’t leave Simba and she is not allowed to take him into school. Still we got there on time. (It never ceases to amaze me how much every morning is such a battle but as of yet we STILL haven’t been late!)

We got to school and she had snuck her little tiger toys out and was being rather amusing with her 1:1 who is absolutely lovely. She was trying to get her 1:1 to guess things she wouldn’t have a clue about. While she was doing this the lad who also uses the office to come to school came and joined in. His mum stopped me and asked me how she could get her son diagnosed with PDA. So I told her we haven’t got a firm diagnosis yet, but gave her the name of the paediatrician that saw Dinky. She said he has an aspergers diagnosis but she has never thought it really fit him, but when Dinky had a meltdown the other day she saw the PDA awareness keychain on my bag and looked it up. So I gave her the information, and a leaflet for the local PDA meet up.

I got home and had to work out my next steps.

School are the biggest issue… so governors, parent partnership, try and find out about stat assessment decision and SEN sos regarding the exclusion and where I stand.

I emailed the governor I spoke to a few weeks ago, she emailed back saying that she will add that to the list of concerns from our last conversations.

I phoned parent partnership, in a meeting, he was going to get back to me.

Phoned LEA SEN team, no answer… all 10 times from 9am until 2pm.

Phoned SEN SOS, which I wont be doing again in a hurry! When I mentioned PDA she said that was a behaviour, a learned behaviour which can be sorted with ABA… hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha I could not stop laughing! ABA… hmmm ok…

Emailed the special needs group leader about info for the TAC and she was really nice and let me know that they care.

I went to collect Dinky from school, and her old TA from early years (who was ok by the end of early years) said she had a great afternoon with her, and even went to the head teacher for a reward and then got extra play time!

Dinky came out with two stickers and was happy.

We went over to the surestart centre, and there was someone already in the Magic carpet room. So we sat down and a lady came out of the office and saw Dinky, she said hello to her as if she knew her. It turns out this was the lady who talked to Dinky when she ran out of assembly last Friday and ran through the sure start centre! We discussed some school issues and the provisional diagnosis while we waited. Then Dinky went into the magic carpet room. The lady popped in with a leaflet for me and Dinky got her playing her games, and was jumping all over her! She was really good with Dinky.

At the end of the session Dinky wouldn’t get her shoes on to come out. so I had to get her sat on the floor and force them on as the centre was closing. We got out and Dinky ran out of the door, the woman spoke to her. then managed to get Dinky to attempt to write the time which was a miracle to get her to attempt it, but bad because she couldn’t see what number Dinky had written. Dinky managed to get them to let her take a toy home. So we now have a lion from school, an octopus from swimming and not a purple cow from the sure start centre! We went into the staff room again and Dinky told me she had chocolate brownies when she ran in there last week! Which I found hilarious! It took some doing but eventually we managed to get home. By this point my head was pounding, Dinky was asking all sorts of questions on the way home. By the time we got in I put dinner on and let her do her thing. She span for 10 minutes while watching the beginning of ice age 4 and then after dinner was watching it upside down!

When she went to bed my headache disappeared and I watched some TV before beginning to write this. I have JUST (at 11.20 pm) finished a rather long phone call with my dad, in which it seems he has fully embraced PDA and is now willing to learn. It is crazy what having it in black and white does to people!

So with that I am off to bed… 9am Meeting with THE muppet… I shall probably be updating the blog at about 12pm ish as she tends to say the most stupid things and therefore gives me plenty to write about…


Until tomorrow!


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