Statutory assessment refusal and Dinky’s off day!

Well, here we have it… The letter has arrived.

based on the evidence provided, the panel’s views were that Dinky’s educational needs can currently continue to be met within the resources available through school action plus. There is currently limited information about Dinky’s attainment and progress. Standardised testing by the school would be appropriate to monitor small steps of progress. Furthermore, it may be useful to use the boxall profile to understand more about Dinky’s social and emotional needs to support provision planning. The school recently made a request for support from the social communication team- this would be an appropriate next step. The school have also arranged to discuss Dinky with the educational psychology service. Following the educational psychologists recommendations/strategies the school can adopt a graduated approach in understanding and providing for Dinky’s needs.

Which is wonderful. Except, we already have a complete boxall profile, dinky doesn’t have SEBD in that respect. And the school have some answering to do on why her social and emotional needs were mentioned in this context when ASD has always been mentioned, and I do not know many other people who have had their ASD children subject to the boxall profile!

Dinky now had a  provisional diagnosis of PDA to go on.

We have just had a round of standardised educational tests. The reason they are limited is because no one could get Dinky to complete them before! So yes, marking progress will be difficult, but academic attainment is not really an issue in regards to why we requested a statutory assessment (although her writing is 5/6 levels behind what it should be).
Social communication are going in on Tuesday to see Dinky. So that information should be available to them.
The main thing is that ‘up to’ 15 hours is not enough to support dinky.
She is most likely to kick off in literacy so that’s 5 hours a week,
she doesn’t do morning register/phonics or assembly, so that is another 6 hours a week.
And afternoons she tends to wonder round and refuse to go back to class which is a further 10 hours per week.
Which gives us a grand total of…. 21 hours, not to mention days where she won’t participate in maths… Which is less common so add in once a week maths… Of 1 hour.

22 hours support minimum to give her equal time in the classroom to her peers.
Then we have the other things, like sensory issues, hyperactivity and the dyspraxia. Not to mention the anxiety caused by the PDA. Heap social skills on top of that with the recommendations of the NHS SaLT, and she could need support during break and lunch…. Yet we surpassed the 15 hours support a while back!

I think they may need to rethink this!

Also the school needs to get their finger out and actually support Dinky!

Dinky has had an off day today… Just before we were due to leave the house for ASDA, she managed to get goo from a cheap prize at the farm stuck in her hair which took ages to get out… Longer than probably necessary if you include the several outbursts while I was trying to free the goo without ripping off her entire fringe!

We went shopping and she was pretty good sat in the special trolley with her chips from mc Donald’s and her iPad. I brought her a milkshake which ended up ALL over the sofa.

She tried feeding the guinea pigs a chocolate drop but kept pulling it away from their mouths and one lent forward to grab it as she became brave enough to stay still and it caught her finger… All he’ll broke loose… It didn’t break the skin or anything, but she was beyond consolable that the guinea pig could have bitten her. (After the horse incident just before Christmas, she is a little less forgiving to animal bites!)

After that she got herself all ready for bed and went up by herself. I think she knew it was just not her day bless her!


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