School- ups and downs part 2

So Friday…
Friday we had a visitor coming. When I talk about school, all my stories start with…. “My friend x and I, well, once…”, she was coming to see us, I haven’t seen her for 5 years (She last saw dinky as a baby).
So when I dropped Dinks at school, I went straight home to have a bath, tidy up and sort out a few things.
10am my phone rings… It’s the school. More than that it is the Muppet. Normally if they are going to exclude Dinky it is the office staff that phone.
The oddest conversation starter ever…
“Dinky is in a room under the table and is refusing to come out. We have a line of children waiting to use the room… What would you do?”
I replied “why did she go into the room?”
She said that it was literacy and Dinky refused to do it, left nurture and ran into the room.
So I told her to try taking the pressure off. Tell her she doesn’t have to do the writing right now, give her a choice of activities she does like and wait for her to calm down. Once she is calm try again, but not too direct.
I got a response of… Ok.
So I was in the middle of hoovering and the phone goes again… It is the muppet again.
She tried my suggestion and Dinky left the room and went to calm down, and by all accounts was calm in the head’s office. I still said they should give her 10 minutes. She said she was phoning to let me know she was ok.

So I finish up, my friend comes, we chat. Then go get dinky.
I don’t know why but it has become the norm to pick dinky up but not be able to take her straight home, as for some reason she has no shoes on. I have tried asking her, apparently she just does.
So we all walk home, and dinky is really good. At home dinky at first was trying to be really calm, but then she started jumping all over her, and has an awesome grip. Within 10 minutes my friend was saying she was dead. Dinky being dinky said “no your not!”.
Before bed time my friend went home.
Dinky then started lining her coins up and then span watching Christmas curious George for the second time in row.
She did so well trying to hold it all in.

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