Roller coaster seems too mild…

Life with Dinky can be as changeable as she can be.

This morning she was playing tickle time to try and get out of getting ready for school. We only just made it in time.
I decided to lend the head of nurture my copy of ‘understanding pathological demand avoidance syndrome in children’. Even if she doesn’t read it, I can not be accused of not trying my best to help the school understand her.
So I came home and tidied, waiting for the phone to ring. Then I thought I would phone the CDC as I haven’t received an appointment for January yet. The receptionist was lovely, and she said she would get the Paediatrician to phone me, he had only mentioned Dinky yesterday as he was pretty Annoyed that CAMHS turned her down. While I waited the postie came… (Our postie comes at 1pm… He is either really lazy and takes forever or smart enough to have a lay in in the mornings!).

I had two envelopes which looked official.
Opened the first one… OT referral for dinky had been received and a questionnaire was attached. Happy!

Opened the second one… Notes from PPM… Not happy… Actually really bloody angry!
It was supposedly the summery, however all the important points I made… Such as NURTURE IS INAPPROPRIATE FOR DINKY was not on there. I don’t know who else I have to say it to! I have emailed it to the local MP…maybe OFSTED would be interested? It makes absolutely no sense to say we are going to try this and that and then prepare her for transition to year 2, when even The Muppet had mentioned how much Dinky was struggling and said that dinky was put in nurture in the hope that she will be calmer and it will help, whereas actually, Dinky has still been excluded from there twice!
Also… How the hell can they say she was working bone age related targets in July, yet her be at foundation point 4 for writing out of 9? Same with foundation stage maths…. Unless she somehow dropped foundation points? Or a) they couldn’t get her to do standardised testing so went.. Ahh she is bright… so she must be above average OR b) “Dinky’s mum is a complete pain in the backside so if we say she is above average she won’t attack our rubbish teaching skills”. MUPPETS!
I was going to email the woman (mainly about nurture)…However, luckily my email pinged and I had other things to attend to… Once I came back to it I realised I would probably have just outed myself as a crazy person?. Which I am.. But I am not supposed to let everyone know hahaha..

So I filled in the OT paperwork and cried. I don’t normally cry, however I am also very spot prone lately so it is either stress or hormones! Or both…. We can never really rule out the possibility of both.

I went to get dinky and a parent talked to me… So apparently I’m not quite completely ostracised from the playground. It’s just the other few hundred parents who look at me with disgust.

I went to the nurture exit and dinky left the nurture room. Then the nurture leader asks that I see The muppet. Apparently they had worked really hard to keep Dinky in school today, but not just today, all week. Even with having pretty much full time 1:1 support she was still extremely challenging and in a bid to shock staff she had pulled her pants and trousers down, not once, but twice…
At least they recognised it as shock tactics, and another recorded incident checked firmly in the PDA diagnostic criteria, that maybe the school hadn’t noticed before.
She said that she didn’t think Dinky would cope next week.

Great… That basically means this has been a long half term, we have been annoying Dinky at many different levels, knowing she doesn’t like change or change to routine we have sent her home early on a few occasions, changed her class to nurture, took away now and next and are fully embarrassing Christmas and even though the nurture group is supposed to be all about sameness and secure routine, they changed it in there too. Added annoyances have been a reward chart, talking to her under the table, touching her when she is stressed and making her feel trapped so she completely flips out and trashes the nurture room!
So be next to the phone as there maybe another longer exclusion.

Oh, I love the school! NOT!


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