Exclusion, statutory assessment request accepted + ed psych coming in Jan… All in a day!

In all honesty it was a normal morning, dinky came into me at 5am we had some cuddles, then tickle time, a bit of avoidance with eating and dressing, messing about when it was time to leave, nothing major.
She walked to school ok… Her feet only started burning near the school. She went in, no problem.
The Muppet caught me as I was going and asked if I had heard about the statutory assessment. I said as soon as 9 am comes I am going to be on that phone!

I got home, tried to get hold of the sen case worker. Then my phone rings at 9.48am, it is the school.
“Can you come and collect Dinky”, I actually said the first thing that popped into my head. “Are you joking? She hasn’t even been in school for an hour!”

So off I went, to go get dinky. This is what I was told between The Muppet meeting me and going in to get dinky.

Dinky went into nurture fine, she actually did some drawing, she hadn’t finished the drawing, but they were tidying up for nurture ‘breakfast’. So Dinky’s picture was moved, dinky starts shouting and gets angry, staffs attempts to calm her fail. Dinky runs out to the year 6 classroom where her favourite teacher is, she bangs on the windows, then pushes the lunch trolley up and down outside the year 6 classrooms causing quite a disturbance. When The Muppet gets there dinky shoots off into year 1 cloakrooms, climbs on top of the pegs and refuses to come down. Between the year 6 teacher and The Muppet she comes down, and went into the staff room where they calmed her down and were talking through what had happened, and what she could do if it happened again.

When I got in there the year 6 teacher was finishing the debrief and dinky didn’t want to come home because she would miss the party. (It was the Christmas party and dinky wanted to go as the hulk, in her hulk onesie and hulk mask).
It took half an hour to get dinky to calm down and The Muppet stayed with us. She made me laugh at one point as she said “am I being a H-E-L-P or a H-I-N-D… A?”… I finished it off “E-R… OR…. R-A-N-C-E”

(and this is the person I am trusting with my daughters education at the moment!!!)

Dinky found the tube of Pringles they brought back to us with her stuff. Dinky fought her way into it and with the food in her mouth let me put her shoes back on… (I have no idea why she never has her shoes on when I go to get her!)… And we left. She even apologised to The Muppet!
The muppet asked again if I had heard, and said she hopes they don’t turn down the statutory assessment… I said they shouldn’t, and even if they do… I would fight it in tribunal!

When we got home and the Pringles tube was significantly lighter than it was… Dinky realised again she would miss the party and trashed her room in anger. She then calmed and played in her room with her iPad on. I tried to call the sen caseworker again, and again, and again. I had 62 calls by lunch, I tried 141 and going via the switchboard… Nothing.
After a further 20 calls…. I phoned the social communication lady…


Also she is in the middle of writing the report for Dinky’s social communication difficulties! And, I dropped in that dinky has been home early twice this week. She gave me her mobile number and email, and said to let her know if there is anything she may need to consider! Yay!

I then phoned the school to let them know about the statutory assessment.
Spoke to the SENCO and



Spoke to my support worker, she is coming to the next TAC.
Spoke to integrated I services lady, she is going… She managed to get the SN group leader to be the lead professional, and she is going to try and get the paediatrician to come.
Spoke to PALs, the clinical director of paediatrics is going to talk to the paediatrician and CAMHS and sort out who will see Dinky and when!

Dinky and I played a few games of marvel heroes top trumps inbetween these phone calls, and she watched spongebob Christmas over and over.

It was nice…

Dinky made me laugh by singing along with spongebobs ‘don’t be a jerk, it’s Christmas!’

I love my Dinky….

Things are going the right way!


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