Boxing day and heading into the new year weekend

This year present wise for Dinky has been more difficult. Normally she has an intense interest/obsessions, which all her gifts revolve around.

When she was 2, all her toys were toy story. She got the set of collectors editions- woody, buzz, Jessie. also R/C, Rex, Ham, a hotwheels car set of all the charaters, smaller toys… basically the whole 4 page spread of Toy story toys in the argos catalogue. This meant when she was recreating scenes from toy story she had the full set of toys to play with.

At 3 Buzz turned into space obsession, and therefore everything was space related. A space rocket, space films, aliens, planets ect. With her birthday being 7 weeks after Christmas, Dinky’s 4th birthday was an astronaut training camp!

Last year we were in the hostel, she liked the avengers toys, and I brought the more child friendly avengers cartoons, she had hulk and thor masks, ironman, thor, and hulk action figures.

This year, well, ice age 4 came out a long time ago so there are no toys for it. She already has a teddy shira and diego, so there was nothing I could get her to go with it. I know she likes smurfs, so she got smurfs 2, a smurfette (apparently real size- 3 apples high). she likes spongebob, so got the spongebob boat, and she asked for the mavel hero playsets, so I got both.

She was thoroughly excited about them on Christmas morning and was happy flappy and jumping. Boxing day morning she said she was bored. I had never come across this so soon after Christmas. She seemed so happy on Christmas day with my dad playing with the marvel hero HQ (albeit a little controlling).

I think the smurfs is edging ahead of ice age now as there are so many things for it, and she already was a bit obsessive over them. We went to see smurfs 2 she has all the mc Donalds figures and brought them with us, she had to collect them all and plays with them quite a lot, they are the only toys she really brings downstairs.

I am still a little disappointed that she wont engage with the toys, and it has left me thinking about her birthday.

It is not really worth getting her more toys. Especially seeing as today she hasn’t touched the toys she got 48hours ago, but has chosen smurfs and playdoh instead. So what do I do? She is having a party at the special needs clubhouse, and I am inviting her friends who have special needs and possibly one or two of the kids from school, I may just buy her lots of sensory toys while I work out how to make a section of her very large double bedroom into a sensory area.


2013 is nearly over…

I will write a new year post over the weekend or Monday, but until then, I am going to enjoy making playdoh with Dinky, and trying to engage her in her playsets.


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