A visitor, London eye and dinky tries ice skating!

Today has been an odd day
It started with integrated services lady, dinky was all over her and showed she could take turns, but was in complete control and we barely managed a 5 minute conversation in the 45 minutes she was there. Although she did learn how to flip krabbie patties in the Nick app on the iPad!
The 5 minute convo we did have consisted of her telling me that : she received an email from the higher up in the county council, who had had an email from the clinical director of paediatrics, who spoke to the lead consultant for our CDC, who told her that Dinky’s paediatrician will be writing to the school as he is annoyed by the fact that the school are not taking onboard his working diagnosis and is writing to the school to let them know what they should be doing to help Dinky with her PDA!
This made me laugh as it has implications for her and her boss, as I sent an email to the higher up explaining that the head of integrated services said the school shouldn’t be expected to use strategies from a provisional diagnosis. Ha!
The Muppet will have it on her desk come Monday morning. HA! I am so, so gutted that I don’t get to see her face as she opens it!

I think if dinky and I spent another 5 minutes in the house we would have both started with cabin fever! Also one more rendition of the smurfs song and I think I would have to snap the disk in two!

So I decided to go pick up Dinky’s Merlin pass at the London eye seeing as it was the first day it hadn’t been raining heavily for days. So we got the bus, she was good (she wasn’t happy with the lad eating scampi crisps next to her as she said they smelt bad!). She found it difficult getting to the train platform as the train station was heaving, then there was a massive queue for tickets and then I realised they gave us the wrong tickets, and I was furious! Luckily we managed to get them to swap them without re-queuing!
Got the train, and dinky had a massive meltdown in the toilets.
We had gone in and all of a sudden she was trying to escape and couldn’t explain what was wrong. I had to calm her down, but she was trying to escape, turned out she was scared we would get locked in. Once out she was sorry and had a big hug.
We got to the London eye and it was packed! We tried to go into the building but were told to go somewhere else. Then they said somewhere else, by this point dinky was so NOT impressed! I cut the line much to the annoyance of the people queuing, but I explained that when I phoned and paid for her pass that we could come straight to the front given the fact that she has written documentation that she finds queuing difficult. The staff were lovely about it. Dinky was bored. No one likes a bored dinky! They ran out of premium passes to print. Then after all the waiting they asked for a picture… Well, dinky gave them a PDA lesson! She hid, went floppy, refused to look at the camera, started hitting and pulling on her wrist reins. Eventually I managed to pick her up for a hug and managed to get her to look at the camera. The woman was really nice (despite the looks from the queue, which, didn’t actually bother me as much as they had done previously!), and we had our passes, she said to go straight up to the fast track entrance and go in. We did, dinky was a bit funny, but loves Big Ben so was happy, she loved watching the boats on the Thames.
After we went to the ice rink. The staff were superb! We had to wait for a bit but dinky had somewhere inside to sit and could play with her iPad. When it came to going on the ice, they let her in first and gave her a plastic balance seal which she could also sit on.
She couldn’t get the hang of it so sat down while I whizzed her round and round. She tried again and was doing a version of the running man on ice! She fell over got mad and went back on the seal! I whizzed her round and round and she dug her blades into the ice to see what would happen, which led to me falling over and her in hysterics! Later she tried again and did really well I was so proud of her! (I was pushing her back while she was doing a slow motion running man! But she was going and trying!) when it was time to come off the ice she wasn’t happy.
I know that no kid likes to leave something fun, but this is not a kiddy tantrum, she literally couldn’t get her head around it ending, so melted down. Actually it started with her in shutdown and I tried to get through to her and ended up being kicked with the ice skate! (Which bloody hurt! And I still can’t quite believe how I managed to not swear!)
On the way home she was very controlling, it didn’t help that at first the trains were cancelled and then when they were back on they were all delayed and the trains were queuing for platforms!
All in all she did really well and I am so very proud of my dinky!
It breaks my heart that she struggles so much sometimes, even with what seem to be minor things.



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