frustrating times and tiredness do not mix

Today Dinky was back to school. She was actually not too bad this morning. Sure she lined up her new pens and her smurfs. Then she refused to wear the trousers with the pocket in, and then the t-shirt and the jumper had to be ones with the school logo on (I refuse to buy more jumpers with the logo on because they are really expensive and I hope she is not there too much longer!). Obviously her uniform is all clean and pressed after the holidays but cutting out the pockets takes time! Only after that was done did she allow me to start the timer to get dressed so that she could watch TV. When we got to school she said she had missed her 1:1 and the nurture leader. (Sure why not. both just allow her to play and not learn).

So she went into school ok.

I have not been feeling 100%. I guess I am just tired with Dinky getting up in the nights and I have just had enough with some people. I feel invisible, like what I say doesn’t matter.

Had dinky’s activities for the SN group. Football, ok, playing in a special school, ok. Bag packing… hmmm Dinky in a supermarket packing other peoples shopping? Sounds like a recipe for disaster and I would be expected to pay for it! I DONT THINK SO!

The TAC is being moved back to the 13th of February says the integrated services woman who said she was coming back and is not really, the SN group leader is going to be our Lead professional. I don’t know if it is worth it. She obviously doesn’t get PDA if her idea of a Saturday activity for dinky Is 2 and a half hours of packing other peoples shopping in a supermarket. Even NT Beavers (who start at 6 years old) have trouble with bag packing days. She is lovely but she doesn’t understand.

I don’t know why but I felt extremely uncomfortable when I picked Dinky up. I felt tense. I tried not to show it for dinky, I think she was too hyper to even notice. The head of nurture said she had a really good day.

I don’t know whether or not I should believe them when they say that. I just do not trust them after the whole ‘her social skills are improving’ after 2 days in nurture.

The Family link worker phoned, which I don’t understand because she said her work was over with us.

My support worker is off sick this week.

Monday is the Paediatrician appointment and I still haven’t got Dinky’s social communication report.

I need to get my head back in the game. I have loads to do for Dinky.


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