Dinky is a funny little girl!

Dinky has been very calm, and happy over the last few days since I took her out of school.

Sure her PDA hasn’t been cured, we went to a coffee morning on the Wednesday and that was the first time the SN group leader saw Dinky’s refusal to leave somewhere, and her hiding with her fingers in her ears. Punching and kicking.. but the rest of the afternoon she was brilliant. We have had a few refusals to do things, but as I said things have been pretty much calm and happy.

Yesterday she was a little more stressed due to the school pictures going back up on her visual time table. Dinky had written a shopping list (yes, she wrote a shopping list by herself!), in the morning, but forgot to put hotdogs on. I asked her to write it down, and she told me I should write it. My dad pushed and dinky said

you are tricking me! I know you are. I don’t want them

I went shopping and my dad watched her! (twice in 2 days!) Apparently she was pretty good. However as soon as I got back she was being a little pickle.

Today I woke up to dinky running backwards and forwards through the house. She was then running in circles. I noticed the school pictures had disappeared again. It really upsets me to see her this anxious over school. So I sat her down and explained that she was going in after phonics, as phonics was hard for her. Which got a smile. Then explained the rest of her day. She seemed to be ok with that. She was then playing her Ipad at the table and it dawned on me how funny she looked in her sully onesie and snow white costume!

This afternoon we have been watching the toy story films and we are now on toy story 3. Dinky still has all her toy story toys from when she refused to watch anything else at age 2! So they are all on the sofa. She has been rocking and replaying bits just like when she was 2! It really is quite odd! Also I didn’t think she did rock as a toddler, but watching her now, she definitely did! She sits the same way, plays the same way, the only thing that is different is that she doesn’t just echo anymore, and she can actually pronounce some of the more tricky words!

I have been going through facebook looking at my old statuses about Dinky, especially before I suspected she might have PDA.

19 December 2009

why is it when I take the buggy Dinky moans to get out and if I don’t take it she says ‘buggy’ or refuses to walk or go on the buggy board and throws a tantrum instead?


20 March 2010

Dinky is amazing she can change from the devils spawn to angelic princess in a split second! But when she’s cute it outweighs the bad (mostly).

13 April 2010

Was put on the naughty chair for 2 minutes by her 2 year old! Then got it extended by another 2 minutes for talking! Was so funny was pmsl!

18 April 2010

Dinky refused to sleep again so I left her to it… Went upstairs and this is what I found! lol

(Dinky was asleep next to the stairgate)

21 April 2010

Dinky takes things off small child that she is not allowed, like a crayon.. and says ” no, Naughty!”


12 December 2010

is amazed everyday by the two little ones. Dinky is just so clever with matching, colours, and recognizing shapes. Small child is really really clear in her speech, is at times a little parrot but repeats words Dinky can’t say and is getting the hang of shapes. little people are amazing!


16 January 2012.

Dinky: what is on the cars?

Me: ice, when water gets too cold it turns to ice

Dinky: like the rings of Saturn mummy? They are made of ice and rocks!

Me: (completely stunned she had remembered about the rings of Saturn) yes just like the rings of Saturn!


1 February 2012

It just keeps coming lol

Dinky: when we have our own house can we have a pet?

Me: what pet would you like?

Dinky: a dog, mummy would you like a sheep?

Me: hahahahahahaha

Dinky: not funny, do you want the sheep or not?

Me: hahahahahahahahahahahaha (almost to the point of tears lol)


23 April 2012

Dinky made me laugh this morning. Reciting the advert for the snuggle buddy. Bless.


30 May 2012

Got Dinky from childminders, got on the bus and she says

“This heat is killing me.” With her hand on her head


25 June 2012

Me: Dinky you are driving me up the wall!

Dinky: I can’t. we don’t have a car.

Me: hahaha you are right Dinky, but can you stop messing about now please.


30 July 2012

Thought we’d have a nice day out. Dinky thought otherwise! What a waste if money on the trains to spend the time telling her off for running off, getting in other kids way, and jumping and hanging off the exhibits.


30 September 2012

Was walking down the road which has no pavement with Dinky and some guy speeds around the corner scaring the bejesus out of me.

Me:watch it!

Dinky: MANIAC!!! (and shakes her fist at the car)


5 November 2012

Awww bless my bubba… Getting ready for school and I tell her I’m coming into her class to do some of her work with her but I can’t stay…. She starts crying and says “sad drops please go away”


17 December 2012

Can’t wait for my monkey’s Christmas performance at school tomorrow! I just hope she does better than she did in the dress rehearsal as apparently they all had to lie down, Dinky refused, but did it eventually…. It would be my monkey lol


18 December 2012

Dinkys school performance… She was great… So proud! (Even if she did keep getting told off for talking and wouldn’t lay down when she was supposed to lol)


26 January 2013

Lesson learned… Don’t take Dinky to the library on a weekend


28 January 2013

Apparently Dinky told one of the lunchtime supervisors she wanted to escape, then proceeded to climb the fence. The deputy head had to talk her down and explain that she wasn’t to run off and do things like that! So they are back to being vigilant not only in the mornings but at breaks too… Oh dear…


31 January 2013

I feel for Dinky’s teacher today! She is in one of those moods…

Me: Dinky put the pens away please, you need to have breakfast.

Dinky: put my tv on first

Me: excuse me? Put your pens away or they go in the bin!

Dinky: no looking or I won’t.

Dinky makes me laugh!

Today she really like the word ‘technically’.

She was messing about with the car seat and I said to her

“please stop messing about with the seat”

She replied

“TECHNICALLY, it is a CAR seat”

I love her so much!

At the moment I am working out the things I need to do by tomorrow, in my head, with this social worker coming to visit. I’m actually tempted to phone her in the morning and ask her if she knows what PDA is. If not to read up on it before she comes out. I do not want to spend the entire time explaining PDA, and not just getting it over and done with.

Until tomorrow!


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