Dinky excluded again



I don’t even know where to start on this one.

Dinky has been back at school for a total of 3 days, yesterday I got a call from the school asking to go round to the office as they couldn’t open the gate due to Dinky running around the playground.

Today I got a call, dinky is being excluded, can you come get her.

I went into the school (soaking wet as it was pouring down when I left), and the deputy met with me.

We went in to the studio to discuss the exclusion.

Dinky apparently had a really good morning. So much so that they had actually done some work. After lunch she didn’t want to go back in to nurture, and threw all the coats off the year 1 pegs. She then went into nurture and lost the plot (they do not know if there was a specific trigger), she was throwing books at the other children, and then she charged at the head of nurture and head butt her in the tail bone region. It was hard enough to jar her back and make her cry. Dinky then proceeded to trash the nurture room like the deputy had never seen before. She did calm eventually and I was then called. She said that she didn’t know how long she was going to exclude Dinky for. Because she had hurt the head of nurture and made her cry it had to be until Monday, but she said she was going to phone The Muppet as she wasn’t in today and they would discuss how long the exclusion should be.

We went into the Nurture room and dinky was with deputy no.3 and another nurture teacher, they were playing in the sink. The room was probably on par with the time I turned up and it looked like Taz has gone through a craft shop! There were books everywhere, paint on the floor, bits and toys everywhere too. It was a mess.

Dinky looks up and says… “Is it home time already?”

I think I annoyed the deputy when I said that it was home time and we were just going to leave before all the other kids got out as it would be noisy, and I know she doesn’t like it when it is too noisy. Plus we needed to get bread for our eggy bread. I thought the deputy was going to blow it, as Dinky wont leave earlier than the other kids, as she thinks she might miss out on playing. Although she didn’t say anything about her leaving early she tried to impress on Dinky about how much she hurt the head of nurture. She said that she couldn’t walk. Dinky taking this literally, as she does, as was commented on by the ed psych, said “She got out of here… she walked”, and then laughed. I had to explain that yes she walked and can actually walk, but when she does it really hurts, so she cant walk without it hurting. This Dinky understood, she thought about it and then realised what she had done and said she was really sorry.

Dinky said she would make the head of nurture a card to say sorry.

We left fine, the deputy said I should hear from her within the hour.

Dinky was pretty good on the way home, but when I explained at home that she was now not going back for a while, she was upset at first. Then she was fine.

I got the call from the deputy, the head of nurture was on her way to the walk in centre and she had spoken to The Muppet and because she hurt the nurture leader badly enough that she might not be back in for the rest of the week, the exclusion starts tomorrow and she will be back on the 13th. She was nice enough on the phone.

I understand why she was excluded, I agree that she should have been excluded, but until Monday would have been enough but a week is a little harsh. She doesn’t understand time as a concept, so a day or a week means nothing to her. So it isn’t punishment for her, actually exclusion is actually good for her anxiety, but this is not good for Dinky learning what she has to do in order to come home.

I feel really bad that the head of nurture was hurt, and it is not acceptable nor do I condone her hurting people. I will try to help her understand what she has done, and we will make the card.

On a more personal note (and possibly sounding selfish)… Of course I love Dinky, but how on earth am I going to get everything sorted for her birthday when the only day she is in school before her birthday I am at the TAC meeting (the 14th is an inset day and the start of the school holiday). Also technically Dinky is not allowed in a public place for the duration of the exclusion.


Stress, stress and more stress…

Oh and Dinky’s grandma all of a sudden has remembered Dinky exists … pfft.



4 thoughts on “Dinky excluded again

  1. Hope the school are recording these exclusions and making sure they don’t reach 45 days in one year (15 in one term) as they have to permanently exclude her if either of these limits are reached x

  2. I wouldn’t worry about taking her out in a public place. They have excluded her because they can’t provide for her special needs . Bet they haven’t given you any work for her either. If you get stopped, which is doubtful, everything you are doing out is educational even down to shopping!!! In the two and half years Dillon has been in and out if school we have never been stopped by anyone!! Relax and have some nice days with her .

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