The last few days

Thank you for the birthday wishes for Dinky x

Dinky’s birthday went well. She had a good time at the cinema, although we didn’t end up going to the special needs clubhouse as I don’t think she would have coped. Dinky did spend the rest of the time we were at home controlling my dad. It was interesting to watch as she normally drags him upstairs. She does exactly the same thing she does with me. She instructs him on what he can do, then stops him, makes him watch, then gives him a role, if he goes out of her ideals, she stops him again.

She went to the cinema again with her special needs group yesterday. She had a meltdown in the toilets. Which, and this is going to sound awful, is actually good for them to see. She had the new volunteer, and probably refused to wear her ear defenders.
She was then very good afterwards. We went shopping and she sat in the disabled child’s trolley with her iPad. We found lego movie pyjamas, a ninjago t shirt and an Emmet t shirt. She was happy.

Today we have built a few lego set with ‘everything is awesome’ playing in the background, watched lego ninjago and lego batman. I have also had to explain that films come out in cinemas first then come out on disk when it stops playing in the cinema. Her response…. “Can we go to the cinema?”

I have not been too great. I think the school, waiting for a statement decision, social services involvement, the TAC, the letter from the muppet, the project the integrated services lady wanted me to go on, Dinky’s birthday, and contact from my aunt and cousin have really taken their toll on me recently. I am really struggling to be happy for Dinky when she is awake and try to find the best way to move forward when she is asleep and organise the rest of half term and the prospect of her new 3 hour days at school.

I have written a letter back to the mp which is a direct response to the letter The Muppet sent, but I am not sure that I will send it. However I don’t want to let her get away with it. She has been so unprofessional and such a Muppet, that she needs to be held accountable for her actions or lack thereof.

I annoyed the integrated services lady with my email telling her that if she feels my parenting skills are lacking she should contact our social worker.

I shall blog again when I am in a better head space.

2 thoughts on “The last few days

  1. Hugs DM!
    I’m feeling the same at the mo.
    Sometimes, it’s just all too much.
    I want to run away from home right
    now. I want some personal freedom.
    I want some damn respect! xx

  2. Big big hugs. Just remember you are doing a fabulous job and being the best mum to Dinky. Hopefully people will start seeing that and get stuff into place for you and her.
    On the matter of school, they should provide you with work to do in the afternoons if they are sending her home after lunch. I say should, as Dillon never got this even when I kept leaving my email address!!! I gave up and worked on other stuff . Also make sure they are recording her absence correctly in the register .
    When should you hear about your statement ? Hopefully not too long now and then your can get her into the special school you like.
    Chin up. You have achieved a lot so far and every now and then us mums deserve a meltdown ourselves!!!xxxx

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