Half term

As with most things with Dinky, this half term has been- different. Not a bad different, and not particularly a good different, just different, Dinky style.

It is weird as I have been trying to get some more respite, and this weekend we have 2 people in 2 days, so I am writing this as Dinky is upstairs playing with a lovely young lady.

Thursday I took Dinky to go see the lad with PDA that I have talked about a few times on here. We went for lunch, which was different. Dinky was her usual self, a little hyper, making animal noises and was anxious. This was the Lad’s favourite restaurant so he was happy. After lunch we went to the sealife centre. On the way there they had gone through Dinky’s backpack, which has sensory fiddle toys and her ear defenders in. Dinky didn’t want the lad to touch them so she hit him. Which is hard to deal with when you are in a car. I don’t drive, so this was a new thing for me. They were throwing things at each other and then started name calling, it was hard not to laugh at the names. All of a sudden Dinky said “I know- lets be against adults”, she called me a name and all of a sudden they were best friends again. We went down to the sealife centre and we had to queue up to get in.

Have I mentioned how much Dinky hates queuing?!?

I was kicked, punched and spat at. The other people in the queue were staring at her and me, while she screamed “DONT LIKE QUEUING!”. It is hard. It is hard not to want to explain that she cant help it, that she doesn’t understand why we wait in lines, that she cant cope with standing still when she is full of excitement,, anticipation and anxiety.

When we went in she was happy to run from side to side. I don’t think the Lad knew what to do as he seemed to want to look at each window and Dinky saw something that caught her eye and went for it. I let her hold the wrist reins as it wasn’t busy, but equally she wanted to be like the Lad and he didn’t need them. I get on edge when Dinky is that on edge.

They seemed to enjoy it. Although it is generally a short trip round the aquarium.

We then went up to the Lego shop. Wow! It was a Lego wonderland! Dinky didn’t know what to do with herself! I swapped some of her birthday presents and Dinky got a gift card to choose what she wanted to get. I was unprepared for the upset of the Lad who couldn’t understand why Dinky was allowed a new Lego set and he wasn’t. His mum tried to explain that Dinky was swapping them, I also tried to explain that dinky was swapping 2 sets for 1 set. He wasn’t having any of it bless him! He was so upset. I tried to get Dinky to choose one so we could leave as it was really upsetting him. The set she wanted they didn’t have. I told her we could get one delivered, but she wanted a set to take home because I had told her we are going to get a set from the Lego shop. So she was deciding while the Lad was pleading for a set of his own. She picked a set and they both picked a keyring. The man behind the counter gave them both a sticker and we left. The lad went into meltdown as we left the shop and was hitting his mum. I really felt for them, it had been Dinky and me a little while back.

On the way home Dinky was actually really good, a few moments of anxious misbehaviour, but was happy.

Friday we had a visit from the lovely H (no not the bloke from steps), she came to meet Dinky before coming out today, dinky was her usual controlling self. She was stopping us from talking, doing things she KNEW she shouldn’t be doing, annoying the guinea pigs ect. Dinky showed her some of her things and said she liked her. As she left Dinky gave her a hug, which is really good.

Yesterday Dinky went out with the sessional worker from social services. The lady said Dinky was really good but had to be brought crisps in order to leave, so she asked me If that was ok. She asked what Dinky would like to do next time. Which is NOT a good idea. Dinky said the tree top adventure- which is rather pricey- she shouldn’t have asked Dinky, then she made another silly mistake, she said she would ask if she could get money for it. Now Dinky thinks that she can go because she thinks banks just lend you the money, as the adverts do not say about paying it back, that is the small print along the bottom. Apparently Dinky thinks I give extra so should get extra! (I LOVE HER!!!), so now I have to prepare her for not going there. I will have to phone her in the week and explain that we should discuss it away from Dinky in future.

When she left I asked Dinky if she had a good time. She said “yes, I got crispies. I was hungry, I wouldn’t leave until I got crisps. I got crisps.” I think it was Dinky-1 Social services lady-0.  Could possibly be 2-0 if Dinky gets to go to the treetop adventure.

Yesterday afternoon I felt so much better for the break, we had so much tickle time, lego building, cheering on the skiers in the winter Olympics, dancing to Everything is awesome, and more. Normally I would have been about ready to pass out by Saturday afternoon of the holidays.

Dinky knows school is back on Monday and was in my bed last night.

Today, well, H has been here for nearly 2 hours and Dinky has been a little hyper! Actually more than a little hyper! She has been using every learnt social nicety she can think of to get H to like her. She has been huggy, sharing everything and showing H all of her things.

She has been down a few times to jump on me. We shall see how it goes, but it seems to be going ok.


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