Dinky is struggling and I have no answers

Back to school for dinky, new routine, later start, early finish, 2 different TA’s in 3 days – meltdown upon meltdown here, she was so anxious about going to school today she wet herself in a stress and urinated in the bath.

So what do the school do?

Yes, change the room that she has her 1:1 in and change the cover person for her TA on the Tuesday as her TA is at college.
The room change is tomorrow. This is how the conversation went…

Me: hey Dinky, guess what?
Dinky: what?
Me: no more staff room from tomorrow!
Dinky: back to nurture?
Me: nope, into the Buzz room!
Dinky: where is that

(I start panicking as I have no idea where the hell the Buzz room is)

Me: what? You don’t know? Is it buzz as in “to infinity and beyond”? Or bzzzz like a bee?

(I tickle her whilst she giggles!)

Dinky: buzz Lightyear!

She runs up the stairs and grabs 4 of her buzz toys, and puts them in her bag for the buzz room.

If this lasted it would have been good. However dinky has been down to see me 8 times since going up. Every time it is about not wanting to go to school.
We have had

– I can’t go to school, they don’t even teach me

nice Dinky, true, but you are still going!

– It’s closed tomorrow

it is open, I know it is

– the guinea pigs miss me

no, it’s the only time apart from when you are sleeping that the poor things actually get some peace!

– I don’t want to leave you

nice try 30 minutes ago I was mean and trying to ruin fun

– I’m not going!

And so it continued. The last time she came down she didn’t say anything and just threw her plastic 2 foot simba at my head (which hurt… A lot!)

In terms of how things are going elsewhere.

Well, the letter the muppet sent to the MP was full of half truths and her own twisted opinion. So I replied to it.

The integrated services lady has palmed me off to the social worker as she has had enough of me pushing her to at least partially do her job. So the social worker is my contact. I have no idea what the hell the social worker is doing. Apparently she is doing an assessment of Dinky and family (Which means me).

This family thing is separate from the troubled families initiative, and apparently is a way to actually getting some practical support.

I feel everything is on hold while the pen pushers do their thing. It is really annoying.

I’m guessing tomorrow will be a day of hell with the room change. I’ve not slept properly as Dinky has been coming into me at 1-2am.

I don’t even know if this post makes sense as I am so tired.

Another day in the life of Dinky and me!


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