Social care visit

Today the social worker came out to the house.

Dinky was hyper beyond hyper. The social worker seemed quite taken aback by it. She said this was completely different to how she was at school. Dinky was happily showing the social worker all of her Lego and her favourite games on the 2DS and iPad- lego, obviously.
Dinky was jumping all over me, but was actually answering the questions she was asked, which is not something Dinky does very often.
There were points where Dinky didn’t like us talking about her and growled.
Apparently the original over sexualised behaviour incident needed to be investigated still. I thought that had been put to rest, but apparently there is a possibility her behaviour shows that she may have been sexually abused. I was asked to complete a family tree and discuss who has had contact with Dinky. The social worker asked about the person I used to live with, and about any overnight visits or visitors.

This is a really difficult subject for me, especially as there wouldn’t be a long list of people that ‘could’ have been involved. The only overnight stays with males were my dad and her father’s stepdad. I haven’t had any men round and I don’t have people over to the house generally. If someone has been in my house then they are either a professional or someone I trust (and generally female). Other than that Dinky has only been out of my care in childcare facilities.
There has been a few incidents of boys asking Dinky to take her trousers down at school otherwise they wouldn’t be her friend.
The social worker asked Dinky about the boys at school, dinky answered the best she could, but it is hard to get Dinky to talk about something she is not interested in.
Dinky has this idea that anyone who comes into the house wants to play with her. So she got out her big bad mouse board game and set it up (putting the good cards at the top), and invited the social worker to play, except she wouldn’t take no for an answer.
The social worker commented on how cute Dinky is, and how sweet she is. I could only reply that I already know- Dinky is awesome!

So the social worker is going to look into Dinky’s ‘grandad’ the one who was married to her fathers mother, and talk to the school about the boys. I did say that there is a possibility that this is a spectrum thing of inappropriate behaviour mixed with a normal curiosity of her own body.
She said that it would be wise for both of us to not be hung up with our own ideas about what led to this behaviour. I was straight with her and told her that the only thing I could think until I know for sure is that nothing happened. Otherwise I would drive myself crazy. She said she understood, I told her that obviously if they found something had happened I would have no option but to accept it and do whatever I could to help Dinky.

They played the game for a few turns and the social worker was off. She did say that she is not forgetting about everything else, Dinky’s needs ect.

Again I’m left not knowing much about anything. Yes I know that she is looking into the two things, but I have no idea what else she is doing as she is now the lead professional for Dinky. She did mention that she had talked to other professionals about us, I have no idea what that means! It is really hard to have a conversation with Dinky there.

Dinky was worn out afterwards, having not slept much last night, and the hyperness. She watched 2 films- lego, obviously, and then went upstairs, although it is nearly 10pm and she is still up. Since my dad told her that her melatonin was for sleep Dinky has refused to take it.

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