Found the childminder folder…

I was looking for something in the cupboard which holds all the boxes I haven’t opened even though we have been here for over a year! I came across the child minders folders. They are not very well done, if I’m honest she did look after dinky really well and the daily contact book was always filled out nicely, it seems her early years folder was not high on the agenda- to me that is fair enough.

There are loads of pictures and sheets every now and again with next steps on. However she did do the whole EYFS (early years foundation stage) review at 4 years and 4 months (52 months)- Just as Dinky was finishing playgroup and was going to school in the September. A lot of the development stuff should be achieved between 30-50 months, so anything outstanding is technically behind.

What I did find interesting were the things that were behind…

All of the things listed are things she SHOULD have been able to do by 50 months * indicates things that should have been achieved by 36 months but were still not completed at 52 months

PSED – Personal social and emotional development


*Seeks to do things for themselves, knowing that an adult is close by ready to support if needed

Demonstrates a sense of pride in own achievement


Self-confidence and self esteem


Has a sense of personal identity


Making relationships

Forms friendships with other children

Demonstrates flexibility and adapts their behaviour to different events, social situations and changes in routine




CLL- Communication, Language and literacy

Language for communication

Uses intonation, rhythm and phrasing to make their meaning clear to others

Question why things happen and give explanations

Begins to experiment with language describing possessions

Builds up a vocabulary that reflects the breadth of their experiences

Begins to use more complicated sentences

Uses widening range of words to express or elaborate on ideas.


Language for thinking

Talks activities through, reflecting on and modifying what they are doing


Linking sounds and letters

*Shows interest in play with sounds, songs and rhymes

Shows awareness of rhyme and alliteration

Recognise rhythm in spoken words




Begins to be aware of the way stories are structured

Suggests how the story might end

Shows interest in illustrations and print in books and print in the environment

Knows information can be relayed in the form of print

Understands the concept of a word



Uses one handed tools and equipment

Manipulates objects with increasing control


PD- Physical development

Movement and space

*Gradually gains control of their whole body and becomes aware of how to negotiate the space and objects around them

*Combines and repeats a range of movements


Health and bodily awareness

*communicates their needs for things such as food drinks and when they are uncomfortable

*shows emerging autonomy in self care

Shows awareness of own needs with regard to eating sleeping and hygiene

Often needs adult support to meet those needs

Shows awareness of a range of healthy practices with regard to eating, sleeping, and hygiene


Using equipment and materials

*Balances blocks to create simple structures

*Shows increasing control over clothing and fastenings

Shows increasing control in holding and using hammers, books, beaters, and mark making tools

Engages in activities requiring hand eye co-ordination

Uses one handed tools and equipment

Demonstrates increasing skill and control in the use of mark-making implements, blocks, construction sets, and small world activities.

Understands that equipment and tools have to be used safely


PSRN- Problem solving, reasoning and Numeracy

Numbers for labels and for counting

*Creates and experiments with symbols and marks



*Begin to make comparisons between quantities

Separates a group of three or four objects in different ways, beginning to recognise that the total is still the same


Shape, space and measures

*Notices simple shapes and patterns in pictures

*Begins to categorise objects according to properties such as shape or size

Shows awareness of similarities in shapes in the environment

Is beginning to understand “bigger than” and “enough”

Uses shapes appropriately for tasks

Begins to talk about the shapes of everyday things


KUW- Knowledge of the world

Exploration & investigation

*Uses others as sources of information and learning

Shows understanding of cause/effect relations


Designing and making

Begins to try out a range of tools and techniques safely



Knows how to operate simple equipment

Completes a single program on a computer



*Recognises some special times in their lives and the lives of others

Develops an understanding of growth, decay and changes over time


Observations about interactions:

05.06.11 (3yrs 4mo) – Dinky has always enjoyed playing along-side others.

13.06.11 (3yrs 4mo)- Dinky is keen to tell tale if someone is being unsafe she doesn’t always do the safe thing for herself

25.08.11 (3yrs 6mo)- Dinky talks about P (her cousin) she calls her, her sister.

09.09.11 (3yrs 7mo)- Dinky chatted alongside J using the Balamory toy

11.10.11 (3yrs 8 mo)- Dinky told the others what to do with the dolls and horses she said she had seen the horses doing this when out with mummy.

27.06.12 (4yrs 4mo)- Dinky understands that others need their own space and she will move her toys over sometimes to allow others to play alongside her.


Some stuff screams ASD some screams PDA, but it wasn’t picked up, and to be honest I got the folders when were in the hostel so they got looked at, but nothing sank in as I was not exactly in a place to look at it properly. I thought if there was a problem someone would have told me.

Due to the way things ended with her first school, I haven’t got a copy of her playgroup or school learning journal, all I have is a bunch of lies from the new school saying she was pretty much on target apart from socially and then I found that wasn’t the case in October of year 1.

This is all coming with me to the assessment on the 16th, which is now 12 days away.


I got a call from the CDC today, from the doctor who will be doing the assessment on Dinky. She said I need to take Dinky with me and that they want to do more observations as part of the assessment, I didn’t even think to ask her if this was part of the ADOS as I know full well the ADOS (autism diagnostic observation scale) is male orientated and is only designed to pick up on the more typical ASD presentations, it is not PDA specific. So I will be taking guidance on not focusing purely on the ADOS and lots of other PDA and female studies in relation to diagnosis and that it is often missed or misdiagnosed.

Should be really interesting having Dinky there for a 1.5 hour appointment! I can see her seeing the true Dinky at this! I doubt Dinky will engage at all (and I wont help matters by dropping all PDA parenting strategies in favour of the stupid NT ones for the morning of the appointment!).

I also got a call from the children’s services team, we have been allocated another worker while the respite request goes in, she is going to phone tomorrow and arrange another home visit to meet us both. Should be fun! Dinky has kicked out the last few people that have come to the house!

Dinky is still not sleeping well, but today I picked up the melatonin, and she actually took it! We shall see! So I have some herbal sleeping tablets to help me get to sleep early tonight as I know I will be overtired and therefore not sleep and then she would have had a great night and I would still be Red bull’s no 1 customer!


The statement team haven’t got back to me at all. However I did give them until the 20th for the statement so they can put PDA in properly and take out anything which says EBD… if they don’t I will take them to tribunal and wipe the floor with them!




2 thoughts on “Found the childminder folder…

  1. That’s what we are just about to do….. Wipe the floor with the LA! We’ve had a solicitor look over the statement with no provision and she has pulled it to bits!!! So we are off to appeal, taking our solicitor with us. I’m too exhausted emotionally to try and do it myself.

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