It has been a rough few days…

Well, I’m not in a straight jacket, so a miracle has occurred!

Still suffering from sleep deprivation as Dinky hasn’t taken her melatonin properly, and it has been very warm… I do not do well in the heat, I feel like I’m melting!


we went to the local autism football group. PDA + Football coaches= 5-10 minutes before escape (“Bossy pants! Do this, do that… blah blah blah!”), a few minutes colouring, lining up tactics pieces and then running around the local football stadium seating areas, punching one of very few friends, and meltdown over a photo.

Then we went on a 2.5 hour walk and play with Sky, with another lad and mum from the autism group… hyper ball of hyperness until midnight.


Disability fun day. Going fine until trampolining guy keeps giving direct instruction, 4 minutes later Dinky is running off around the sports hall. My dad turns up and he keeps setting her off. Dinky didn’t like the rules of the archery.. and I had to physically hold her back from running in front of arrows!


we went to town and they had a sandpit! Yes, Dinky had her shoes and socks off before I had finished saying her name!

We then went to trampolining, we were running late, Dinky didn’t want to get one of the new buses that talk to you at every stop, so we had to wait for another bus, which we were not guaranteed to have the older bus, fortunately it was. Once there, hyper was one word, but she was not very happy she kept spinning on the floor and wedged herself under a metal barrier. She did ok in trampolining, but was hard work.
She then struggled on the way home.

By this point I was at the peak of stress levels. I was right I am NOT cut out for this home schooling lark!


We had one of Dinky’s friends come over in the morning. It was going ok but then Dinky got the hump that the other girl wouldn’t do as she wanted, she began to push her and I stepped in, I got bitten, slapped and punched. Dinky tried to throw them out. Now here is the semi-good thing- the other girl has ASD, so doesn’t get that Dinky was being mean, dinky wasn’t trying to be mean, but neither of them took it how NT kids would, so the ASD girl didn’t take it to heart and refused to leave because she didn’t want to go yet! So she stayed for a bit longer and Dinky calmed down.


Well we have the social worker coming tomorrow, so I had to tackle Dinky’s room. She was not happy and it led to all sorts of meltdowns, on such little sleep and being hot I shouted, Dinky shouted and hit and threw stuff, and it all kind of fell apart from there.

I will admit I am finding it very tough to carry on with next to NO support (I do have my dad who riles her up more than he actually helps around 80% of the time).

I find it so hard to understand how Dinky is considered a child who is undeserving of support. She has some significant issues and some professionals have said she has some severe difficulties in areas, however because her severe difficulties are not linked to being non verbal, or having a learning difficulty in the more traditional sense, she doesn’t qualify.
Dinky can’t access any formalised learning due to her condition and they cant assess her IQ or do any standardised testing because she cant participate in those activities, but sure… yes, I am meant to handle trying to ‘homeschool’, alone with no support until a school place becomes available.

ADHD is becoming ever more apparent-


this is the school ADHD rating scale. Mine wouldn’t be too much different if I am honest.

Sorry this post is not very well organised… I have lots to do before the social worker comes tomorrow and I am anticipating it being a complete fail as she doesn’t seem to know much!

I shall post tomorrow…


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