That social worker won’t step foot in my house again!

I was worried this would happen… I was hoping we would get another half decent social worker. Apparently NOT!

She turns up and Dinky is already anxious because I had to put the dog in the kitchen so she didn’t jump all over the social worker.

Dinky hates me talking about her in front of her, so within 5 minutes Dinky was getting annoyed. I had already explained this would happen. Instead of leaving me to deal with Dinky the social worker asks her to sit down. I can see meltdown coming. She keeps calling dinky saying that she shouldn’t be doing this or that. I got to the point where I said “please don’t talk to her, it only makes it worse”, more talking, Dinky is hiding behind my chair, the social worker starts talking to her again. So I say “please don’t talk to her, it only makes it worse”, this time me saying that makes dinky worse! They then go up to see Dinky’s room, dinky is forcing me out of her room and trying to get the social worker to play with her.
The social worker then comes back down. Dinky tries to let the dog out and the social worker talks to her again! So I again explain that she is only making it worse. Dinky then gets really annoyed and starts hitting me. Social worker says “well that is not nice”… I could feel the rage building…

I said this is why I don’t like people coming out to the house, as dinky wS behind me trying to put both hands over my mouth to stop me talking.
The social worker says she will go back to her office, so dinky says she is not going yet (Dinky wanted the social worker to play with her). I have to peel dinky off the door, the social worker talks to her again, I get bitten three times and punched a few times before the social worker let herself out.

From there we had a 20 minute scream fest with physical attacks.

Once calm dinky says she was mad because we were talking about her and that the lady didn’t stay and play with her.

She didn’t even have anything new to tell me. They haven’t moved the direct payments forward, nor sorted the child in need (due to disability) plan. She had nothing. She said it would still take a few weeks from here to sort out the direct payments.

I have had enough of muppets!

Dinky is calmer now, but I can’t risk going anywhere with her apart from walking the dog. Even then I can see it being a challenge.

Feeling quite despondent today


3 thoughts on “That social worker won’t step foot in my house again!

  1. I’ve been looking forward to finding out how it went with SW. My SW totally refused to do a ‘child in need’ assessment, reason being ‘no diagnosis therefore no disability’, so I am nowhere near even the possibility of direct payments. So don’t be despondent! You are doing a fantastic job and giving hope to me!

    • Dinky hasn’t got a diagnosis until Monday,
      (where I plan on camping out if they don’t give her a diagnosis until they see what they need to see! 😉 lol)
      The only reason they agreed to child in need is because Dinky has had so many exclusions and is no longer in school. The direct payments have only been agreed for 3 months before they are due to be reviewed (I am guessing they will say ‘she is in school therefore they are no longer needed).

      I shall keep my fingers crossed that one day you comment and you have more help for your child x

  2. Oh hun, this sounds oh so familiar. Both the behaviour of Dinky and the behaviour of the ‘Muppet’. Moll used to do this all of the time. Is it worth requesting that anyone visiting the house phone you first so that you can guide them on how they need to behave, what to expect and give then a bit of info on PDA?

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