Dinky now has a statement, and possibly a school!

This week has seen 2 big education wins.

Firstly, yesterday I went to see I a special school, it was classed as an EBD school but it was the only school that replied to our DPS.

I actually went to show the social worker why EBD wouldn’t work for Dinky.

When I got there I must say I was mightily impressed! The school gives each child a keyworker and the curriculum is tailored to each individual child. Dinky would be the youngest and would probably share a classroom with 2 other children who would be slightly older.
They strive to take children with a range of additional needs not just BESD and have a number of autistic students.

Dinky would be able to leave the classroom when necessary with her key worker and PDA strategies would be utilised.

They offered for Dinky to write her own menu to take into account her rigid and repetitive diet, they offered to purchase her, her own iPad for school use using the pupil premium, and to make any type of visual they need.

They told me their communications book is vital, and they expect parents to write in it every evening in order to let them know what the child’s evening was like.

It was basically everything I wanted to happen at her old school, but with less children, Dinky will be in a school with just 13 children from 6 all the way up to 16 years.

Then today, her final statement appeared. Not one mention of BESD, only one mention of challenging behaviour and that it was ‘inextricably linked to her autism/ communication and interaction difficulties’.
It feels amazing, especially when my original letter requesting the statement was 25th September 2013, it has taken nearly 11 months to get here.

Part 4- there is no school named but it says

“A day placement at a special school which caters for children and young people with social communication and interaction difficulties, PDA, sensory difficulties and associated challenging behaviour”

I could do a happy dance that finally Dinky has a statement and education is coming together, in June it was health coming together, and by the sounds of it, social care may also be coming together in September! (The SW said that she will try and get direct payment which gives more during the holidays but some hours during the week so that we can Keep Dinky’s current 1:1 who dinky adores and who adores Dinky. Actually I’m surprised as apparently Dinky has had a number of meltdowns and yet they have been dealt with and still the 1:1 comes back and asks what hours we had agreed and what Dinky wants to do!

I feel some things are really coming together.

It is such a shame that something else entirely can take the shine off these events.

The county autism centre seem set on lying about the fact that they choose when to follow their own rules. I have the proof that they lied, I have the proof that they said PDA wasn’t an ASD, where does this get me? Yes, blocked in a childish attempt by the project manager to show me that she won’t be trifled with.

Hmm. I think that she may feel differently when I can prove IN WRITING that they have acted in a discriminatory fashion and then lied to cover their backs, if anything more comes of it, it would be considered victimisation and I WILL NOT STAND FOR IT!

Dinky deserves the support and understanding of the county autism centre, yet she was deemed unfit for services. I went over their heads and they have now got someone in to train staff on PDA, who is telling their staff that no one in the uk has a diagnosis of PDA, and that PDA is different from ASD.


Maybe that person should do some research.

The PDA society
The PDA resource page

Any of these websites would instantly rectify the gaps in the trainers knowledge.

I am not happy, and I won’t stand for it!

I should be nearing the end of Dinky’s battles to get anywhere, instead I have to fight against prejudice from the county Autism centre. They will say ‘oh but we now provide training on PDA’, yes- but the training is actually misinformed, I am still blocked, still receive no services for dinky and they still lied.

2 thoughts on “Dinky now has a statement, and possibly a school!

  1. Delighted for the school part as it sounds perfect for Dinky, but the level of understanding of PDA, and to be honest, autism in general, still astounds me. It’s not hard to research.

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