Special school referral and special needs group

Thursday was the day Dinky’s case was going to the placement panel to decide whether or not the LEA would pay for a place at the school. I don’t know why, but I always feel like they are going to turn around and say “She doesn’t need a special school, stick her back in mainstream”.

I am the MOST impatient person I know! so Thursday at 4.50pm I phoned the LEA for an update… They were still in panel… I was told I would get a phone call Friday (yesterday). I had my driving lesson in the morning and then my impatience got the better of me, I phoned and was told the manager was in another meeting.

So I waited for lunch and phoned back. He picked up! He said that he did have a note on his desk to phone, but he did recall me telling him I was very impatient. Thankfully he said it was ok. He then proceeded to give me a load of spiel…

“As you know we took the case to the placement panel and we had two options on the table, X school, and Y school. We know you had concerns about X school and we were also concerned that it is a long way for a young child to travel to. So we discussed Y school…”

By this point I wanted to reach down the phone, shake him, and say “JUST TELL ME ALREADY!”

“.. the panel agreed that Y school seems a better fit, they were not involved in the DPS (Dynamic Placement scheme- basically the system used to send out a profile of those in need of a non maintained/ independent special school) so that is why they had not been mentioned before, we have agreed to do a full referral to the school, it will be done either today or Monday, then they will contact you to arrange finalising the admissions process and we can go from there. I will contact you when they have formally offered her a placement.”

I was speechless.. I thanked him and hung up… then I did a little happy dance! One I shall not be repeating in front of people as I then realised I am the type of dancer kids cringe at and beg their parents not to bust ANY moves!

words can not express just how brilliant this is for Dinky!

I looked up the admissions procedure at the school and they will contact me to arrange a home visit and for Dinky to go in for an informal assessment, then they will formally offer a place… so I am reigning in my uber happy until after they have offered a place formally and I have got Dinky’s start date and uniform..

Special needs group…

Things have always been up and down with the group, but yesterday Dinky was adamant she wasn’t going. I tried to explain they are just playing at the clubhouse, but she wasn’t having any of it, she trashed her bedroom in a massive meltdown and then tried to do things she knows she would get in ‘trouble’ for, in the hope that I would tell her she wasn’t allowed to go.
This morning she was in a foul mood due to the anxiety, and another meltdown, so I told her she didn’t have to go if she didn’t want to. She still needed time to calm down, but she was a lot happier.

Only half an hour ago, she told me that the SN group leader is really bossy and she doesn’t like it. Now, this really annoyed me because the SN group leader has been in numerous TAC meetings and said she agreed that Dinky had PDA before her diagnosis, and now she is making demands on Dinky to the point where Dinky doesn’t want to go.

Sometimes I really hate the fact that people just don’t see what PDA is like from the point of view of the child/adult.

Dinky used to really like the SN group leader, but now she doesn’t want to go with her. I don’t know what to do. I didn’t push it today, after I finally got her away from the spin cycle on the washing machine and walked the dog, Dinky has been in her own little world with her iPad, I have tried to engage her, but she is not interested. She just wants some time to herself, which is fine.

Maybe I can get her building lego towers later


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