It’s all ups and downs… Today we had ups!

Thursday I got the confirmation that Dinky would be going to her assessment days at the special school 18th, 19th and 20th of November!
Also with that letter was a thick booklet asking for the entire story of Dinky’s life! When she had her jabs, what she is like in x,y,z situations, sensory profile, bed time routine, eating routine… It was extremely long winded!

Anyway, before I dug into the form, I thought it would be best to confirm the days with SEN school transport, as the social worker said she had already given them a heads up.

I phoned, and was told that they only provide transport for students with a placement. I told them she wouldn’t GET a placement if she couldn’t go to the assessment days! Tough luck apparently… Not their remit. I asked them if it was advised that I take a child who has special needs on two trains, a bus and then walk the 20 minutes on roads without paths to the school for 9 am, which is peak time… I don’t drive… I’m doing my lessons but as of yet, No licence and no car yet. If I could drive I would!
She said still no can do, but try social services.

I couldn’t get hold of the social worker so left a message, (I don’t normally leave messages but I was so annoyed I managed to leave a half decent message!).

My plan was to write an email today and send it out to all of the services who may be responsible for providing transport to the assessment days.

I was writing the email when the social worker phoned. She said she had a plan, and was only recently aware herself that the SEN team wouldn’t help us. She didn’t want to tell me until she had sorted something else (bless actually tried to solve the problem before I completely lost my temper and went all kick arse mum on them!).

She managed to get her boss to agree to using Dinky’s 1:1 to do the transport, that way Dinky knows the driver and that is one less problem to worry about! All I had to do was make sure the 1:1 is available for the times we needed her to be. She was! They even said they would pay extra hours on top of the 9 we would have for that week!

So that is that issue sorted!

I also found out that the parent carer needs assessment will be done soon.

Then I got a call from wheelchair services, the Trotter is in, dinky has an appointment on Monday at 2pm! I didn’t even have to chase that one!

I also got a random call from OT! She wanted to find out if Dinky had got a school placement yet, and if I thought Dinky needed to see her again for sensory issues or fine motor skills. I told her about the assessment days coming up at the special school and that one of those assessments would be OT. She said if I am not happy I can always make an appointment for Dinky to see her in December!
Random… It was made more random by the fact that hardly anyone likes the OT department because they used to make so many stupid statements like ‘it is part of their autism’ or ‘it is behavioural’. So I was surprised by the call! Although I do like the OT, she was lovely and her report was awesome!

I managed to send off Dinky’s huge booklet…. And then I brought a lottery ticket! It has been that much of an easy day!

This is how it SHOULD be, I shouldn’t have to fight so hard all the time, but I would do ANYTHING for Dinky!

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