Assessment days begin for the special school!

Today was the first of the 3 assessment days at the special school the LEA have agreed should be able to meet her needs.

I loved the school when I went to look at it. 90% of the students are on the autism spectrum and they have an understanding of PDA.

On Saturday (3 days ago) we received the laminated pictures of the school and all areas Dinky will be in, plus all the people she would be meeting.
She was anxious, but the thought of the dog (they have a reading dog), the play room, sensory room and playgrounds made her excited. So it was a mixed bag. I also agreed to get her the characters she wanted from disney infinity if she went in nicely.

This morning, Dinky spilt her milk everywhere and didn’t want to take the dog for a walk but we were ready when the 1:1 came to get us- armed with Simba and a shark!

We got to the school on time and TA came out, she had a binder with now and next on the front and tons of visuals of the school and staff inside. She showed Dinky where she was going and what they were going to do. I did get the ‘save me’ look, but she went off really well.

I of course, was a nervous wreck once we had left! I wondered how she would cope, how she would be at home after… I just hoped that she would love it.

I got home and arranged to take the 1:1 for lunch before we picked her up from school.

We got back to the school and dinky came out happy!
She was a bit all over the place and full of beans but happy!

Apparently she had fallen over quite a bit and didn’t engage well with the group stuff, but she had a good day.

Dinky even said ‘see you tomorrow!’ That is how much she liked it!

When in the car she told me she read to the reading dog, and that Thursday they were making a cake!

We have had lots of repetitive speech, I had to take her to walk the dog in her new wheels because she point blank refused to walk and I didn’t want to push the issue.
She has been ‘on edge’ since we got home, but she is now verbally stimming while playing ‘let’s throw the characters off the island’ on disney infinity toy box!

It will be dinner time soon, and then I shall have to help her get dressed tonight to avoid a full scale meltdown, but she is happy to go back tomorrow! That is AMAZING!

So 8am she is being picked up in the morning and she will be dropped home at about 4pm.

Fingers crossed she has another good day tomorrow! 🙂

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