Christmas lights switch on

Quick update on the 3rd school assessment day for those who don’t follow the facebook page for the blog… Dinky had a much better day on the 3rd day, she came home quiet but after an hour was back to hulk smashing and shouting “Puny Human!”. Now it is a waiting game to find out if they are going to formally offer her a placement, and for LEA to agree the level of funding, and then transport has to be organised. I’m guessing it will be after Christmas, but the social worker still feels that Dinky can get a few days in before Christmas holidays.

Talking of Christmas.. Yesterday was the big lights switch on where we live.

I’m both utterly amazed at how well she did, plus a little sad that it was so blinding obvious that she is different to other kids.

We went to see Santa, due to her autism, we jumped the queue at the total disgust of some of the other parents, despite Dinky being in her new wheels. I am so used to this by now, that when someone said
“Excuse me, the queue is actually this way”
I replied
“I can actually see that, however my autistic daughter can’t cope with queues, so the lovely elves have said that she can come in this way to see Santa”
She went red and turned away.

Dinky got to go in and see Santa after another child in a wheelchair had gone in.
Santa was lovely,
“So, what is on the top of your Christmas list?”
“Haven’t done one”
“Oh, if you did one, what would be at the top?”
She shrugged “haven’t done one yet”
I couldn’t help but giggle at the fact Santa had no idea how to react. I said that she really would like some frozen toys or disney infinity characters.
He said he would see what he could do, and that she should send him a letter as he might forget, as he is getting old!
He gave her a gift, they took a really cute picture and we left (buying the picture as we went!).

We went out to find the stage for the lights on. We had a look at the stalls, and dinky got her face painted, went on the little kiddies rides and we went back to the stage. We went to the front as the speakers were at one side and a little further forward.
It wasn’t as loud there, especially as Dinky had her ear defenders.
She liked the music.
As the switch on got closer more and more people tried to get at the front. Dinky didn’t like it. A guy from one of the local papers took a picture of her with the flash which led to her getting really upset and lashing out at me.
We saw 2 kids with wheelchairs being let through the barriers avoiding the masses, so I asked if Dinky could too as she was getting upset by the kids around her almost sitting on her feet and lap.
They let us through with her wheels.
She instantly relaxed. As the lights went on all the people cheered and answered the MC, but not Dinky. Completely unaware of the protocol.
The lights went on, and then fireworks started, everyone looked at the fireworks, but I had show her where the fireworks were.
It doesn’t quite come across in writing, but to see all the other children knowing instantly what to do in that situation, and seeing Dinky completely lost was hard.
She loved the fireworks. They weren’t all that noisy but the colours and rate they went off was brilliant. She was so excited she was flapping her hands and giggling.

I was so proud of her for managing 2 hours of music and then fireworks! She said her ear defenders were good!
On the way home she played on her iPad and giggled loads at her white tiger face paint reflection in the window.

I have noticed that she is much calmer in her wheels. I don’t know if it is a culmination of all of these things or just a couple
-no demand to walk
-no other demands (stay close, hold my hand, come here)
-weighted lap pad in the playtray she puts her iPad on
-listening to music and playing games on her iPad in boring/loud/busy places completely zoning out.
-having a sensory shade for bright lights in shops.

I have noticed outside meltdowns are now a rarity rather than a given.

It is good, it means we are not trapped inside and Dinks is happy to go out still, even if before she didn’t like going into certain places.

In other news, we got word that my application to get a place with a garden for Dinky has been approved. We have been given high priority/Band A for bidding. So we could move by summer next year. I told Dinky and she was all ready to start packing and saying that we needed a trampoline and pink grass with a grass snake like her SN clubhouse! Pretty sure she would like a sandpit too.

So I had better get saving for removal vans and carpets (they always rip out the carpets before re-letting a council property).

Currently Dinky is playing disney infinity and is learning how to customise things using the characters to explain it.
Her favourite thing today has been to wait for my dad to walk on an area and then delete the floor so that his character falls out of the sky!
I love her giggle.

One thought on “Christmas lights switch on

  1. I use a wheelchair so currently Small sits on my lap when overwhelmed, but he is starting to get a bit big and I have wondered about a special needs buggy. I’m still weighing up the pros and cons but it’s good to hear it is helping Dinky.

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