Dinky’s start to school

‘Today is Dinky’s 3rd day at her new school.

So far so good.

She seems ok when she comes home. Avoidant and stimming but no where near as bad as she was at mainstream.

I know on the first day she was told that she wasn’t the teacher, and that she made her 1:1 read to the reading dog as she didn’t want to do it.. So it is nice to see they totally see the PDA and Dinky isn’t one of these children that people say ‘What is the parent talking about?’

I have no idea what happened yesterday as Dinky didn’t come home with the communication folder, and she isn’t very forthcoming.

Personally, right now, she isn’t due home for half an hour and I miss her. However I have managed to get SOO much sorted while she is at school. I have a little more energy as I’m not constantly walking in egg shells, and I would feel more guilty about feeling this way if it wasn’t for the fact that Dinky actually says she is happy when I say that the next day is a school day.

The battle to get here doesn’t feel like a battle. At least not the bits that people normally have to battle. They tried to block the statutory assessment and then rolled over at the first hurdle. They got the initial statement wrong. once I had FINALLY got hold of the manager and he actually had time to discuss it, he agreed to my changes. When they tried to put her in the wrong school, they agreed to my point. When I found the school, they were ok about it. Really the battle was the time, pushing decisions to be made, for Dinky’s case to be looked at, to find out where we were. and now it feels like it is done.

Diagnosis was the same thing, apart from Dinky paving a new diagnostic pathway for PDA in our area, it was just time consuming

The biggest battle was social care. However after all the fighting we now have an agreed personal budget.

So now I am having to sort out all the paperwork that goes with employing a PA. Which is fine.

I’m very glad that Muppets are few and far between.

I JUST got a phone call from the school! Dinky is settling in well!

So yes, school is going well, and I am rambling so I shall leave it there. (plus dinky will be home any minute!)

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