Accountability- the lack of it in our services meant to support children with SEN

This post will probably turn into a rant, but somewhere along the line the whole concept of accountability has been lost.

Those who have followed our journey from when Dinky left her first school to go into the second school, who read from the beginning when I first found out about PDA, will know that most of the hold ups and stress has come from ‘professionals’ who have been rather inept at their own jobs.

The first school, I admit, I didn’t handle well, I didn’t fight, I let them have what they wanted- dinky in another school out of their hair. I didn’t question it, I just up sticks and walked away.

However from that point on, not ONE professional has had any accountability for how Dinky and I were treated, more importantly Dinky.
Now I know it could have been worse, in areas which don’t understand PDA, parenting gets blamed as a first step. Again no accountability by professionals.

The second school showed no accountability for their actions. I went to the board of governors and the MP and nothing. Our MP is under the impression that taking the side of the professionals against the person who initiated contact was the way forward. Saying if I felt that strongly I should take it higher, which I did but never received a response and I couldn’t keep on top of it because I was dealing with numerous professionals and Dinky all on my own with no real life back up.
So the school have not been held accountable for their complete lack of professionalism, their awful treatment of an autistic child, and their witch hunt against me, the parent, as the cause of the difficulties.

Integrated services have not been made accountable for their actions. The MP again sided with the manager who managed to worm her way out by saying I took her statement the wrong way. Apparently when she said “why should the school put in support without a diagnosis” she meant… “They shouldn’t need a diagnosis”. Again at this point things were going downhill and the MP said he didn’t have any authority to say anything. So he didn’t. This manager again, escapes all accountability for allowing the school to continue to use the wrong strategies against medical advice.

The SEN education team, the biggest area where there is a complete lack of accountability and everyone and everything is blamed for poor ‘customer relations’, poor time keeping, lack of ability to keep to a deadline, lack of attention to detail when statement writing, lack of communicative skills, lack of ability to think ahead… Makes for a pretty bad CV, yet these people remain in their jobs with their local government pay scales and complete lack of accountability. I’m sure this is what the tax payer has in mind when they think about where their taxes go, but that’s a different story all together.

The MP himself… No accountability. He sits in parliament and says how wonderful the autism group is that has shown an incredible lack of decency and favouritism toward a family where no child has been diagnosed with autism over my child who has.
Also the group that removed me as admin because I dare to question how a child’s PDA symptoms disappear overnight.
Yet given the chance to help an autistic child, and his response is “sorry there isn’t much I can do but ask them to review the case”. Why do we go to our MPs when our local government let us down if they are not going to stand up for us, when they are not willing to help take things further, to get justice for their constituents. I didn’t even want justice, all I wanted was for my child to be treated fairly, and like her peers.

Dinky was out of school for 11 months.. Over a year if you count the fact that she barely spent any time in school over the last 10 weeks she was at the second mainstream. Yet if any other parent was to pull their kid out of school for a week to go on holiday than the parents would be held accountable and have to face a fine for taking their children out of education.
Again local government escapes accountability.

I could have complained, and I did, but I have been so busy and invested in my own child, that I haven’t been able to do this alone.

So our county council and MP get to crack open the bubbly because they have escaped accountability yet again.

Well, I have sent the MP an email, thanking him for his ‘support’, and assured him that his rival will be extremely pleased that he has managed to convince one of his own constituents to vote for them, instead of him, at the next election.
Small accountability. Unfortunately we don’t have a say in who gets to mess up our kids education from within the county council.

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