The posts have dried up- my apologies

I realise that Dinky and me has had more followers lately, welcome! 

I have to start by apologising for the lack of posts in the last few months. 

It seems that I am able to just about pull myself through very stressful times fighting all guns balzing, yet when the fighting is over I become exhausted and drive myself bonkers with the need to do what I do generally do on a larger scale, and that is to assess how I did. 

Well, I can tell you that I have successfully burnt some bridges that might have been helpful- thanks to my inability to understand the need to do things or say things behind the backs of others and not directly to their faces, and also my inability to not anger-email (a bit like drunk dialling) when having my own mini meltdowns due to the stress being too much for me to handle. To be honest the reaction says more about them then it does about me. 

I have also had some things occur that have knocked me sideways and I have seen an increase in my PTSD symptoms of late. Which doesn’t help. 

I seem to be flitting between wanting to go back to not really socialising (possibly part of the PTSD/anxiety as well as finding myself being excluded from the local generic autism groups anyway) to wanting to get the war paint on  and getting PDA awareness up in my area, especially with the Muppet paediatrician and the weekly emergence of  local parents identifying with the PDA profile in regards to their children. 

Dinky is doing well. She is obviously struggling with the fact that she has more demands now that she is at school, which unfortunately meant that the dog had to go as I don’t  have  anyone that can walk her in the evenings when Dinky won’t leave the house. However she seems really happy to go to school and is actually taking part a lot more than she was in mainstream. She has struggled the last few days at school, the link book says she has been reluctant to join in often refusing to attempt any lessons, however, she has enjoyed cooking and swimming. 

Today she asked what we were doing, as the timetable was blank, so I gave her choices, she chose films, rough sensory play, and her 2DS, over going out somewhere. We had a demand free day which ended with a meltdown free bath time to bedtime transition! 

Tomorrow cineworld cinemas are holding their autism friendly screenings, so I shall be taking Dinky to that. Then she is back at school again. 

I hope her costume comes in time for world book day next week. She is going as her favourite marvel avenger… Hulk. (Which always makes me laugh as my dad refers to her meltdowns as her turning into shehulk, but not going green, which would be more helpful! I definitely agree!)

One thought on “The posts have dried up- my apologies

  1. Good to hear she’s doing OK, and don’t you worry about the blog posts, just keep on looking after yourself and doing what you’re doing. The blog will always be there and good to take a break every once in a while (she says, very much do as I say but not as I do 😉 ) x

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