Celebration evening at school! 

I had to hold back my tears of joy this evening! 

I turned up at Dinky’s class to see a rather excitable Dinky, whose ADHD meds had definitely worn off! I was shown pictures of the summer term and a picture Dinks did, it was immediately obvious which picture was hers- the one with a T-Rex! Then her workbook. I could not be more proud of the work she has done.

Dinky and her friend were both running around causing mayhem! 

We went into the hall, Dinky was bored waiting and nervous, bouncing on her chair and shouting hello at people. We watched the presentation for the first KS1/2 class, then it was Dinky’s class. 

We watched a video of the term, all 5 kiddos in the class, doing work, hatching butterflies, horse riding, sports day, fashion show, and playing. 

Dinky was shouting out the names of all the people in the photos, bouncing and squealing. She was so happy! 

Then after a few other children collected their certificates it was Dinky’s turn- she ran up to her teacher, no shoes or socks as per usual! 

I was trying to get my video on my phone, and missed the first but where the teacher said 

“Dinky hasn’t been with us long but she has sure made a mark on the class!” 

Then she started giving Dinky her certificates

  1. For trying super hard at writing lower case letters 
  2. For working hard in extra 1:1 numeracy lessons 
  3. For French 
  4. Sports day
  5. Reading to the PAT dog
  6. Excellent work in horticulture 
  7. And for the fashion show! 

She also got a ribbon from the RDA (riding for the disabled association)! 

A happy bouncy Dinky then got off the stage and sat and watched her friend get her certificates. 

Unfortunately the clapping and the noise got too much for Dinky so we left the hall and played with some playmobil outside the classroom. 

I was ever so proud of my little girl! 

As we walked out to the car her teacher told me how proud the class team are of Dinky, and she should be proud of herself for how well she has done. It was the teacher’s first presentation evening as a teacher, and she told us (myself and another mum) how nervous she was, for a SLCN school she has the most chatty and loud class (one kid was very vocal on the microphone, another grabbed the mic for some lyrics), We spoke about how much of a difference it makes having the right environment is, and how happy dinky is. 

After the mess of mainstream it was so nice to be able to go tonight and feel that Dinky is a real part of the school. It was the best feeling in the world watching her be celebrated for the awesome kiddo she is! 

This made all the struggle it took to get her to this point worth it! I would do it all again! 

Next year Dinky will stay in the same class with the same teacher, a third term in the same school with no mention of moving on- a first to be happy about! 

If I wasn’t on antibiotics I would be having a celebratory drink tonight!


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