The summer holidays approach…

Tomorrow at 1pm Dinky breaks up for the summer. 6.5 weeks at home. 

The transition leading up to holiday has been tricky. The school have been great, she has a visual calendar sent home, she has been crossing off the days as she takes her melatonin at night. However she is upset because one of the kids she is really fond of is moving up to KS3, but she is also happy that she is staying in the same class with her friend and they have the same teacher and most of the TA’s, one of her favourite TA’s is moving classes as they only have three students in her class in September, but have 1 teacher and 4 TA’s. The school printed off pictures of who will be in the class next year, so that is also on the wall of visuals. 

As for plans, we haven’t got a holiday booked in the traditional sense. We live close enough to London and a seaside that we can day trip it. That way Dinky still has her environment to come back to. 

I’m lucky as I have access to respite over the summer too. As much as I am looking forward to doing some of the things we did in the 11 months she was out of school, Dinky can be exhausting 1:1 for long periods of time, and her aversion to sleep doesn’t help matters. It isn’t that I don’t like spending time with her, with the breaks I get through respite, it gives me more energy to keep up the strategies needed to get through exciting trips without the high level meltdowns. 

I have made a monumental mistake, which will now be the norm, we will have to do both Chessington world of adventures and Legoland Windsor on our theme park days out. Although this sometimes might not be too bad as ride closures normally equal meltdown, but going to the other theme park might be enough of a distraction.

I will build in home days, as much as dinky loves to be active and doing things all the time, she can’t cope with it, so home days. 

I’m looking forward to the summer holidays, since dinky has been back in school it is like a part of me is missing. 

One thought on “The summer holidays approach…

  1. We are starting off with a home day here…. and I know there’ll be plenty more of these! Odd day trips are the way to go this summer for us too – won’t be copying you on the Chessington PLUS Legoland idea, you crazy lady!! 😉

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