1st full day of school holidays and 2 theme parks!

Today was Dinky’s first full day of the summer holidays! 

Yesterday she had a half day- we went to a local park. Dinks wanted her special buggy from the car to the playground, so I put her in and pushed her over there. 

Before we had even got to the park people were pointing and I heard a very loud “that child is far to big to be pushed round”. I do try and ignore it, but surely they should realise that it isn’t exactly a win for me, or even for Dinky, she wouldn’t have gone to the park if we hadn’t taken the chair! 

I shrugged it off. I took some pictures of Dinks who was having a good time. Right up until some kid called her a boy and she couldn’t work out why they said that. They laughed at her for saying she was a girl. I wouldn’t mind if it was hard to tell, but dinks has beautiful long curly hair, and looks very feminine even in her light blue school t-shirt. I then over heard some parents calling my child odd for spinning while waiting for the slide and telling their kids to stay away.

By this point I had just had enough and so had Dinky, I got her back in her chair and some kids were calling her a baby while their parents just stood there on their phones. 

Today was a much better day! Although definitely more exhausting! 

Due to Dinky’s 11 months out of school we have seen all there is to see really at Legoland and Chessington. We have seen all the shows, the animals, and the mini Lego land, now Dinky just wants to go on rides. Which is easier said than done in Legoland with their 10 ride only for the ride access pass- if dinky would even stand/sit in her chair in a queue of strangers for a short time it would be a miracle! So once the tokens are gone- they are gone. She also gets rather fed up of waiting 30-45 minutes between rides at chessington.

So logically, as the parks are not too far apart along the M25, we have decided to do BOTH! 

As Legoland is always harder to find close parking, we decided to do there first. 

We got held up in traffic on the motorway so got there a while after opening, but it didn’t take dinky long to use her tokens! We did the submarine, the dino Safari, two goes on the big swinging boat, three goes on the dragon, one on the dragons apprentice and left at 1.30pm or there about.

We got to chessington at 2ish. Went on the vampire, dragons fury, kobra, dragon falls, scorpion express, then back to vampire- which we got stuck on due to a technical fault- dinky did really well, actually made everyone laugh because they asked if everyone was ok and dinks said 

No- I’m annoyed! 

And then when they said over the tannoy that he engineers were on sight and the staff member came to tell us that they were here she shouted


One of the staff members tried to have a little chat with her trying to be nice, but dinks wasn’t having any of it!

We bumped into a parent who noticed Dinky’s ‘auty not naughty’ top so we have her one of the key rings we picked up at the autism show.

We then went on bubble works, then back to dragons fury- which we got stuck on too for 10 minutes! Then one more go on the dragon falls. 

We had nothing but respect and courtesy shown by all the staff and other guests at the theme parks. No glares when dinky was spinning while waiting for her turn on the rides, or her rocking/swaying, or her humming and clicking noises. 

So I think I will be spending more time there than our local parks! We are also lucky to have 2 inclusive play buildings not too far away we we can make use of in the summer holidays!



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