Ignorance is bliss

I know I should have just left it- but something in me gets riled when people have a go at families with children who have additional needs! 

A family with 2 disabled kids in a food chain carpark were fined for overstaying by 20 minutes. 

The comments were mostly truthful, just because the family has disabled children doesn’t mean they get to flout the rules- and I whole heartedly agree. If I was aware I was overstaying I would move the car or not have gone there knowing it was highly likely we wouldn’t get out on time. 

I agreed with a woman who had the same sentiments. 

I should have left it. 

I was already having a bad day-dinky hardly slept , I Lost the Merlin annual passes and my bank card, dinky went to her special needs group and was good for them which was why she couldn’t cope with anything simple like ‘it’s time to put shoes on’ so I had to carry her to the car, cancel my bank card and find out if Merlin would replace our lost cards (which they will). 

I should have left it, but then some muppet said she doesn’t get concessions why should disabled people? 

Oh I seriously lost my temper, I’m so sick of people looking at dinky when we use the ride access pass in a theme park, or try and work out why we parked in a disabled bay when both of us can walk. 

She then went on to say 

It’s like ppl who av disabled kids get all this extra money for some reason and their rolling in it laughing coz they get allsorts of leeway and it’s not fair. Whilst ppl like me And my husband with our 2 kids are left struggling, and do we get help?? NO

I really lost my temper! All this extra money- I can assure anyone who doesn’t have a child with a disability that we are not rolling in it, nor laughing. 

But it gets worse! 

why wud u need extra money?? U choose to have ur kids why should other pay u for it? It doesn’t cost anymore to have a disabled child as wheelchairs etc ya get off the NHS anyway so ya don’t av to buy one unless u choose to.  

The ignorance was strong in this one! I made the point by putting up the costings from contact a family’s ‘counting the costs’ campaign. I said something about Dinky’s school being far away

Move closer to the school or pick a different one! Make sacrifices and deal with it like everyone else has to

Astounding- say my child goes to a special school and ignorance chooses to believe there is one on every corner that can deal with all types of SEN/D. Like I would choose to send her so far away. 

I should have left it at the very beginning but I’m sick of the way that society has turned on the most vulnerable within it. So many people out there who believe life is easy for us and that we are enjoying lavish lifestyles, not once stopping to wonder what it is like to be in our shoes. 
This is the ignorance families of disabled children face daily- this isn’t just one person- this is the voice of many being said by one. 

It isn’t a choice we make to be parents of children with disabilities but it is our future and I won’t tolerate ignorance without trying to rectify it. 

This person didn’t want to hear it, was happier to slate disabled children and families and tell us she has a wonderful husband and two perfect kids. Ignorance is bliss they say.

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