You can’t have it both ways! 

Is it really any wonder that those outside the autism community get frustrated when there are two distinctively different messages coming from the autistic community. 



This message States autism is a disability. 


   This states autism is NOT a disability.

So who is right? 

Some say 1 some say 2 and some will say both. 

Me? I say it is 1 for those NOT at the ‘mild’ end of the spectrum and 2 for those that are. 

I mean why would a parent of someone who goes to mainstream school with very little support and have a friend or two see autism as a disability? 

I’ve heard some say ” oh he’s Just a bit quirky and struggles a bit in social situations.” This parent probably still claims DLA (disability living allowance) for their child while proudly having the 2nd picture as their profile picture and has never had to apply for a statement or EHCP. 

For the rest of us, who parent an autistic child who are moderate to severe (even some with kids classed as ‘HFA’), we fully agree autism is a disability. My child is very much disabled by her condition. She sometimes struggles with the idea of putting her own shoes on, can’t cope in a shop, needs hours/days to recover from socialisation, couldn’t cope in the mainstream school environment and so on and so on. I’ve had to fight for services, the statement process and special school hunt was a nightmare! We are the ones who battle for more recognition and try to explain the hidden disability autism is. 

You can’t have it both ways! You can’t fight for funding and services for ‘a different way of thinking’. You can’t fight on disability discrimination grounds of people say it isn’t a disability! 

While I’m sure there are autistic adults that hate parents who call autism a disability because they don’t see it as one, obviously haven’t faced the discrimation some of our kids have faced or not needed some of the concessions or disability services that our kids need!

Sometimes I feel like commenting on the number 2 pictures on Facebook and asking wether or not their kiddo gets DLA or any other disability concession and if so, either take down the picture or give the disability stuff back! 

I’m so sick of people not understanding that autism can be disabling and people posting picture number 2 do not help!

Some people won’t like this post, but this is how it is for US. 

One thought on “You can’t have it both ways! 

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