Seeing Red over Blue Badges

I totally agree with the sentiments, although for us the circumstances are different, but the hostility is just as bad, as is the culture of ‘oh your lucky you can park so close’- lucky isn’t the term I’d use for having a child with Autism or other disability.



Birthdays are tough as the parent of a child born prematurely. As you move forward through the years, you are thankful that you and your child are still here, even at the same time that you are thrust back to the day of their untimely arrival and to the hopes, fears, smells and noises of the alien environment of the NICU. To say you feel mixed emotions does not to justice to the complex web of feelings you have to deal with.

When your child is, like Boo,  one who will never outgrow their prematurity, when their early arrival led to complications that will affect them for their whole lives, these feelings are mixed with others too: maybe grief, maybe anger or sadness.

But if you are reading this as the parent of a premature baby or a child born with disabilities, let me tell you what many have told me in…

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