Do you think I enjoy it?

“Do you think I enjoy it?” 

I really feel like saying this to all the people at theme parks who decide to rather loudly remark on the use of the ride access pass, which allows my autistic daughter to attend theme parks and queue jump either for 10 rides or have a ride time to come back. It isn’t like we go on a ride every 5 minutes and do not have to wait at all. That would be even more awesome than the current policies for Dinky! 
I don’t remotely enjoy the glares from those who no nothing of our circumstances as we use a ride token to jump the queue.

I don’t enjoy the cowardice of people who loudly say ignorant things, not to my face, but about me loud enough for me to hear but without speaking directly to me.

I don’t enjoy pushing my 7 year old around a theme park in a large buggy. 

Yet these people who glare at us, who speak loudly about us ‘pushing in’, or say ‘that kid is far too big for a buggy’, or stare at my child, tut and say things like ‘I wouldn’t let MY child do/get away with that!’- they seem to think I do enjoy it. That or they think I am not a human with my own emotions and it doesn’t register the ignorance they put out there. 

I have news for them- it hurts! 

I did react today twice in a theme park to people’s ignorance and intolerance! 

The first was a man in his 40’s who did not like the ride attendant asking the woman in the front row of a rollercoaster to move back so that Dinky, who asked very nicely and waited for the ride to set of twice so that she could sit at the front, could sit there. He made the error of asking what made her so special and why she didn’t queue up like everyone else! 

I said “she is autistic- that is what makes her so special!” And the ride attendant said “and she did wait with her ride access pass”. 

Ignorant muppet -0 

Legoland staff and myself- 1 

Then the second was at chessington, after hearing it already today a few times, another woman cowardly said very loudly “that kid is far too big for a buggy” purposefully loud enough for me to hear yet not addressing me directly- I was not impressed!

I said “excuse me, but if you want to say something to me, why not ask WHY I have a 7 year old in a large buggy? If you are not prepared to ask then you have NO right to judge me or my child!” 

Dinky then said “yeah” which made me have to spin round because I giggled! 

The ride guy was just an arse! But the people about the buggy- does it affect them? No- so why do they feel the need to comment?

I just don’t understand some people! When she has the other chair which looks like a wheelchair, we get none of this- we still get people moaning about us using the ride access passes for the queue, but I can at least understand that more-if I waited an hour and it looked like someone just cut in, I would be annoyed but they don’t know how the system works- lucky for them- because they don’t have to deal with all the other stuff which comes with autism. 

Although I must say, I’m not sure I prefer the ones who believe they have been slighted over those that believe we are ‘lucky’- we had that last week and I sarcastically said to the man “you can have the ride access pass all you have to do is have an autistic child and all the stuff that comes with it, getting the diagnosis, the meltdowns, sensory issues, schooling problems, lack of danger awareness- well worth the 10 rides not to queue in for the day” 

He couldn’t look away fast enough! 

What would be nice is if people in theme parks minded their own damn business! If I’m breaking a rule or abusing the pass, fine- but as I’m abiding by the rules and using the pass as intended- I wish they would just shut it! 

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