Back to school 

Back to school tomorrow!

I can’t believe it! Getting ready in September for a school I know is working for Dinky! 
We have been going over her class for this year- the same teacher, the two boys have moved up in the school leaving the three girls in the class. Two of the teaching assistants have moved to different classes and a different teaching assistant is coming into the class. We have pictures of all the people who will be in the class. I have changed all her visuals back to school. 

Dinky seems quite excited- unfortunately she wants to stay with me too, maybe all the trips to theme parks, beaches and other places have been too exciting compared to school.

She is saying she is going though and wants me to send pictures of some of the things we have done. The one she wants to send is the one of her mixing playdoh as that is one of the class rules- don’t mix the play doh – so she thinks it’s hilarious that after much pursuading her that she is allowed to do it at home and ONLY with the set we have! She wants to show her teacher we did it! 

All of her uniform is ready, and her bookbag is ready. 

I’m excited rather than nervous! I know she will have a good term and for the first time she will finish a third term at a school! 

I’m excited to see how she does, I’m excited to see what the school have planned and what Dinky will be included in! 

I’m looking forward to reading about her triumphs and meeting her attainable targets! 

In short for the first time in a long time I feel like most parents when their kid goes back to school! 

Although I will miss our fun days- we still have weekends but school takes it out of her so we tend not to be able to do the big things most weekends.

I have already received Dinky’s IEP meeting date for this term, so I will find out what targets they are setting and any thing else they need to adjust on her profile. 

To all of those already back to school- I hope it has gone as well as it could have- for those going back tomorrow- good luck.

(For all those home edding, your favourite places will be quiet again!) 

4 thoughts on “Back to school 

  1. It’s lovely to read such a positive ‘back to school’ PDA post. There aren’t many of them around! We’re feeling positive here about the upcoming school year too – for the very first time. The fight for the right school is incredibly stressful – but worth it if delivers what it promises. No mixing of play-doh? Boy would not like that rule one bit! Actually, neither would I! 😉 Xx

    • I know- I don’t want to post in PDA groups for fear of being lynched because my little one is actually happy to go back to school and will be very well supported there.
      The stress was immense but as you say- well worth it to find the right placement! I hope your lad has a great year!

      The teacher is a little OCD about mixing the play doh, but they all do it anyway!
      I am the same the only reason we mixed the play doh this summer was to learn how to make different colours by mixing 2 colours and putting them in Dino Moulds.

      She loved it!

  2. Having followed your story for a long time, I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to read this. She is a lovely little girl, and she deserves a school that “gets” her. You also deserve a well earned cup of something hot and delicious to enjoy in that calm of the first morning back 🙂

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