Doing well, but had to pick her up from school today

so 8 hours ago I wrote how well Kaitlyn was doing at school.

Apparently despite the horse riding grade completion and the start of the week last week, dinky has been very avoidant the last few days at school, leading up to her not being calm this afternoon.

So I had to pick Dinky up from school because she wasn’t calm enough to go in her taxi and they left at 4pm, which is when I got the call to go get her. 

Interestingly the teacher was (like with everything else) the complete opposite of her mainstream counterparts that we encountered. 

“It’s not that she didn’t want to come home but we had a different activity this afternoon and she didn’t transition well”

“I want to do an ABC on Dinky because the last week or so she has been more avoidant, so it might be that something we do has stopped working as it has come to its end and we have to find something new” 

“We are good at trying new strategies here and coming up with ideas, it’s what we do”

She asked me if I was ok because I hadn’t replied to anything she said! 

“Er yeah, just you seem to have it covered” 

“We try, we just want you to know and convey to Kaitlyn that she did well by not escalating to crisis and we are proud of her and will see her tomorrow”


Sorry but this is gold standard PDA awareness right here!

They came out to the car and cheated to Dinky so they knew she wasn’t in trouble and they still wanted her to come back.

Dinky keeps saying she doesn’t want to leave this school- I don’t think I want her to either! 


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