Doing well

It seems dinky is doing well at school. It has taken a long time to get here, but I was so proud of Dinky who has achieved level 1 in her riding for the disabled horsriding this week! 

They have her a certificate and a badge. Some kids with PDA won’t like these things, but Dinky loves praise IF (AND ONLY IF – can’t stress this enough!) it is earned by something she has worked hard at herself and NOT because she complied but because she wanted to do it for herself! 

She loves the horse she rides every week and she loves horse riding, it has taken a while for the staff at RDA to understand her particular needs, but now they understand more they are getting more from her and Dinky wants to be good at horse riding, she wants to hold the reins properly and give the right commands. How better to feel in control than have command over such a big and beautiful creature such as a horse! 

It is amazing- dinky even got star of the week two weeks in a row! 

Dinky struggles with number work she smashed her education target of counting in twos by counting to 60 in twos! 

The other, Dinky, like a lot of autistic children is sensitive to noise and also doesn’t like croweded areas. She goes to a catholic school, up until now she has really struggled with mass and other RE lessons because they use bells and sing. 

Well- dinky not only managed a whole session but used the bells herself! Earning her the second star of the week because she had tried her best to stay and take part.

Most parents of kids in year 3 would look down their nose at such nonsense reasons for star of the week- well in my humble opinion they can fuck off! 

If I look back Dinky got star of the week probably 3 times in the whole time she was in mainstream, once because all kids in the class got it at some point in the term and that week she hadn’t had a massive meltdown. 

I am definitely more proud of the ones she gets now because they mean something to her which means they make me happy to see her proud of herself! 

Again cementing my firm belief that when it comes to children with SEN- mental health and the child’s wellbeing definitely come before academic achievement!

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