You can’t miss out an autism spectrum disorder from an autism event for that reason! 

Wow. Muppet teaching isn’t something I’ve engaged in for a few months, I was worried I might be rusty- although apparently I’m not! 

(I think the social communication team have Just removed me from the Christmas card list!)

Let me explain- 

A few months back I saw a flyer for an event in October ‘autism in girls’ £30 a ticket, keynote speakers, and group sessions regarding autism in girls! 

Yes I thought, autism in girls is different to boys so it will be good to go! 

Got the programme and the list of available sessions via email today.

My face dropped.

Three keynote speakers, only one *may* be of interest 40 minutes from the Lorna wing centre. 

The sessions were 3/4 teen based, sleep issues (which I’ve had long discussions with the consultants and specialist health visitor about and the consensus is lack of adequate melatonin production for onset of sleep), eating disorders, a personal view from a young woman with ASC giving advice on school and home strategies (which we know probably are not PDA ones) and a mums story about supporting her daughter through school and uni.

None of these are going to be relevant to me.

So I sent an email- 

Basically saying that I was disappointed that there wasn’t much relevant to my child who is 7 and that PDA didn’t seem to feature at all in any of the sessions as I doubt that the Lorna wing representative will touch on it. 

It therefore isn’t a whole picture of autism in girls if you miss out PDA, as that is a condition on the autism spectrum that some girls experience! Some medical experts even suggest that PDA is a female presentation of AUTISM! 

I got a reply. I think she *may* have been a tad upset that not every parent was thrilled by the line up! 

To be fair she only made me more angry with her reply.

Not only are they not mentioning PDA, they are not mentioning it for the most moronic reason- 

I appreciate that there will not be a focus on PDA. This is the first event that focuses on girls and therefore the sessions are more mainstream for this event and this was we had been being asked for by the parents and professionals we work with

Putting aside her awful grammar, WHAT THE ACTUAL?!?

‘More mainstream’ 

So I had no option but to burn this rickety bridge and hope that they learn something! 

I explained that this was poor reasoning for leaving PDA out! Other parents with girls with PDA were attending, not just me, so it isn’t fair their children are not represented! Surely mainstream is the right place, it could have given a parent their lightbulb moment and led them to realise why their child is considered ‘complex’ or ‘a-typical’, why their children have an ASD diagnosis but do not seem to respond to the strategies! 

This event is not inclusive to all parents of girls on the spectrum and possibly a more apt name would have been ‘Autism in teen girls’ as there is very little for parents of younger children.

It is very disappointing to find this out after paying out for this event, as sadly all it will be for me is a rather expensive lunch.

Even more disappointing is the fact you needed this to be pointed out to you!

The reply was- thank you for your feedback!
What planet are these muppets on?!?

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