All too familiar 

Oh how I have not missed fraught mornings full of drama! (Not that every morning is completely drama free, usually only small flare ups which are easily sorted through distraction)

To be fair it isn’t that she didn’t want to go to school (which is a happy change from the last time we went through similar to this morning) but here is a taster of this mornings shenanigans 

Woken up at 5 am to an almighty bang in the kitchen. 

Dinky had been trying to get to the snacks on top of the fridge which are only for after school. 

Cue lots of screaming and slapping from Dinky who wanted a kinder egg.

Dinky was watching her iPad, I told her it was time we both got dressed. Normally she is ok with this- not today! 

“Show ruiner!” (This would have been extremely funny if she hadn’t also thrown a large plastic dinosaur at me) 

So I leave it, and go back.

“What will teacher say if you turn up in your Jurassic world Pjs!?!”

Dinky’s response “go away”

So I leave it, and go back later I get a whole host of dinosaurs thrown at me for merely suggesting that it might be a good idea to be ready when the taxi comes, and was kicked and pushed repeatedly as I left her room

I tried turning it into a race ect. Then I gave up and after much perseverance she let me get her trousers and t-shirt on. 

No jumper, no socks, no shoes and definitely no coat. 

ADHD capsule was chucked in the toilet before I could stop her 

 I only got to attack her curly mop top for about 10 seconds while she screamed at the top of her lungs. 

I grabbed her teddy and the book she wanted to take to school about mythical creatures and we waited for the taxi I tried to lighten the mood which works for 5 minutes before she decided that it was too much fun and that she wasn’t in the mood and it ended with her biting my arm. 

When the taxi arrived I swear I could have punched the escort in the face to wipe off the disapproving ‘you are not ready look’ off her sour face! 

I told her that today Dinky doesn’t want tot wear shoes or socks or a jumper or a coat- “well she just has to!” Was her reply… It took all my energy and restraint to say “actually no she doesn’t, her stuff is in her bag if she changes her mind”.

No wonder Dinky has refused the taxi twice this week! What part of PDA does she not get? It is in Dinky’s care plan! 

I’m pretty sure because Dinky is verbal she pays no attention to the autism-PDA diagnosis- yes because cash strapped LEAs love sending 7 year olds in a taxi over 20 miles away to a school which costs them £81k a year – for the sheer fun of it because all she needs is to be told she ‘has to’. Wow- who knew! 

I have been on to transport and really want them to change the company that takes dinks! 

It will probably cost them more, but that isn’t actually my concern- you pay peanuts- you get monkeys! (Although I never quite got that saying) 

This type of morning used to be typical with added- ‘not going to school!’- so it is at least better that she does actually want to go to school- today there were just too many demands to get her there happily. 

I wonder what type of day she will have today

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