Fuming would be an understatement

Fuming would be an understatement
Camhs- the marmite of the SEN world in connection to mental health, autism and ADHD.
Most people either love them or hate them. Although most people hate them.
Because they 

  • have a ‘blame the parent first’ approach. 
  • Tend to not be able to see the what is glaringly obvious 
  • Tend not to stick to or do anything they say
  • Back each other up when they are clearly in the wrong
  • Refuse to help children based on funding 
  • Refuse to acknowledge certain conditions because they feel that they know everything and if anything else emerges and they haven’t heard of it- it must be ‘American’ (sorry America for our crappy doctors opinions)
  • Don’t seem to see that they are hypocrites and give conflicting advice

And so on and so on.
Put it this way, if camhs ran on a performance basis, there wouldn’t be many people left- maybe 8 consultants to run the country’s entire CAMHS!
So why did I expect any different? 
That I don’t know and not even my therapist understands how I have hope left in me after all the crap we have been put through to get to this point!
So what happened?
Well, Dinky’s appointment at camhs didn’t go very well in April, here is the draft complaint letter about that appointment that I wrote about on the day. 
Today yes today- the 10th of NOVEMBER, I finally received the clinic notes all one side of A4 (once you take out the first half page of addresses and NHS numbers, DOB Ect- and ignore the signature and al the CC’s. 
Fuming is an understatement of epic proportions!
There are SEVERAL things wrong with this letter! 

A couple of major inaccuracies, some omisissions and some flat out lies to cover the ADHD nurses back! 
Some things I can let go, but the 2 most stupid parts of the letter are 

  1. ‘She is very able in maths’- Dinky is in pscales (P8) which is reception level for maths and is in year 3, so she is 3 years behind. 
  2. ‘Responded acceptably to ADHD nurse’s expert direction’ Here is the link again for the session this is regarding

appalling- it took 7 months to get this letter which is not acceptable!
He also mentions mainstream a few times in relation to Dinky’s reading ability and attention. Which really annoyed me. How about age appropriate rather than mainstream because she ISNT a mainstream pupil!
I am so annoyed! 
I’m going to be asking for a change of doctor and only to be seen for medication review. 
I have had enough with muppets not being able to do their jobs properly! Infuriates me! 

2 thoughts on “Fuming would be an understatement

  1. Oh wow, I’m so sorry this happened. I can unfortunately relate to some extent with adult mental health. It sucks that the mental health system is so totally broken, but it sucks more that its employees are just excusing this.

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