Handed over to a new social care team

Today I had a meeting with the social worker and the new child and family worker. 

Not everyone gets a 1 hour hand over but I kind of went all panicky at another change in person when I found out that we were moving to a new team. 

Only because I heard it from a random source and had no idea what would happen.

Since I found out, the social worker told me a bit more and I felt better. Then I went to a parent carer event and saw the team manager, and I knew her, she came out to do an assessment for respite, and everytime I see her at events she asks how Dinky is doing and apologises for not being able to help. 

So we had the handover today. 

I thanked the social worker for her help, she has been good for us- actually- that team, from the moment they were involved things started gaining momentum… When they turned up I had pulled Dinky out of school the first time because they couldn’t tell me how they were meeting her needs- it was an impulsive and stupid thing to do looking back. I was just so stressed out and fed up of being right and yet watching them pound my square peg into their round hole- they were damaging her convinced she was a round peg that was just at the wrong angle. We had no formal diagnosis, just the provisional diagnosis. We had only just had the statutory assessment agreed. 

I was in fight mode and the social worker met that with understanding and did her best to get the bigger picture. She could have done the easy thing and listened to the school and blamed me- however she spoke to the paediatrician, to the special needs group leader, the integrated services woman, and Dinky herself. 

She spoke to me at length and the report was hard to read where the schools comments were added, but I was totally backed by everyone else. It was the first time unfelt I wasn’t fighting everyone. School were not happy, they made things very difficult so I tool Dinky out again but for good this time! 

The social worker backed me. Parents don’t usually go to the mapping meetings but the social worker said I was a fantastic advocate and understood the situation. She said that I was the best person to explain my decision and her boss would be there, the one who wanted to sign Dinky off leaving us with no support. The boss lady wasn’t happy with me saying “she will go back to ‘X’ school over my dead cold lifeless body!” But they agreed to keep Dinky on to give us support while she was out of school.

The second social worker started really badly- but she redeemed herself. She was instrumental in getting Dinky a place at her school. 

And now social worker 3 who just supported everything I wanted or needed for Dinky with a smile. Our first holiday, the blue badge (which has saved plenty of heart attacks with Dinky), charity funding for flooring when we moved into our new place. I forgive her for her maniac driving- really thought she was going to kill me on the way back from Dinky’s first LIAM at school! 

So the new child and family worker seems nice- apparently she is new to the personal budgets and is learning. That’s ok. I’m not sure I really need her help other than to OK things with the budget. Dinky’s budget will continue as normal, we are going to take another trip to Legoland hotel at Easter, and renew all her passes (Merlin, adventure farm park and seaside adventure park) but they are also going to help me get the garden up to scratch for Dinky. 

They were very nice and explained everything to do with the the handover and we discussed Dinky and her needs and where she is at- which is really good! Compared to last year the difference is amazing! 

I never thought we would be here 2 years ago! I just wouldn’t have thought it was possible! 

Now if I can just sort camhs….. 

2 thoughts on “Handed over to a new social care team

  1. Well done Mum . Been in your shoes and my 21 year old daughter was not officially diagnosed with Autism until she was 18 and had spent over a year in a mental hospital. Her discharge care package is STILL trying to my square peg into that round hole. I am attending a professionals meeting tomorrow to kick arse. Camhs in my case were absolutely usless. Wish me luck. Lorna

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